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Finding data on child maltreatment

Use NEOCANDO, the interactive data warehouse from Case Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences to obtain data on child maltreatment for Cleveland and Cuyahoga County using these step-by-step instructions, Additional data are available at the "Protecting Our Future" annual reports produced by the Cuyahoga County Child Fatality Review Committee.

Option 1 - NEOCANDO

You can obtain aggregated summary reports on child maltreatment for Cleveland and Cuyahoga County municipalities at the NEOCANDO Data Warehouse.

You can obtain data from 1999-2006 by neigborhood, zip code, Cleveland ward or district, even to the census tract (when available.) Printed reports are available, and you can download data tables for use.

Use these steps to navigate through the site.

1) Go to http://neocando.case.edu/cando/index.jsp, the NEOCANDO portal

2) Select "Access Social and Economic Data" in the left hand column
3) Under "Subject Category, #1", select 'Child Maltreatment' option. (You may need to use the elevator bar at the right side of the selection window to see "Child Maltreatment".

4) Under window #2, 'Detailed Category" select the type of report of interest. There are five different types of data reports based on those cases investigated, reported and substantiated. Make multiple selections by holding the Shift key down and clicking the types of reports, or holding the CTRL button while you select the individual reports.

5) Under window #2b, select the years of interest, 1998-2006. You can select multiple years by holding the Shift key down and clicking the range of years, or holding the CTRL button while you select the individual years.

6) Under window #4, select the geographis level of interest (e.g. by city, neighborhood, district, zip code...census tract, too.) Depending on your choice in #4, you will have a more granular (more detailed) level of data in window #5, Geographic Entities and window #6, Report by Geography. Make your selections accordingly.

7) Then click the next key.

8) The last page allows you to select the many different statistics available at the geographic levels you selected earlier. Make your single or multiple selections in the same way you did earlier. Once done, click get data,

You can see the data on your terminal, obtain Adobe .pdf print-ready reports, or even download the data. You can visualize your data in their interactive map tool, see charts of the data.

Select on of the four output options highlighted in gray fields above the report.

Option 2 - Child Fatality Review Committee Annual Reports

The second source of data on child maltreatment that led to a child fatality can be obtained at "Protecting Our Future", annual reports from the Cuyahoga County Coroners Office. Obtain reports from 2000-2005 by clicking this link.

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