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Infant Mortality Rate by Cuyahoga Municipality, 1998-2000

A table of average annual infant mortality rates across municipalities in Cuyahoga County for 1998-2000 are presented. Source: Cuyahoga County Board of Health

Infant mortality rates, averaged over the years 1998-2000 for each Cuyahoga County municipality, are presented in this table.  The average annual infant mortality rate is calculated as

  the number of infant deaths (born alive) within the first year of life for a time period, in a particular area

= ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------X 1,000

  the total number of live births in same time period to mothers claiming residence in the same area.

Here, the area is defined as the municipality as listed on the table. Mother's residence is determined from birth certificate data.

By multiplying the rate by 1,000, the infant morality rate (as seen in the table) is expressed as the average annual number of infant deaths per 1,000 residents for 1998 through 2000.

IMR CUY 98-00 - CCBH

Go to the Indicator Abstracts found in page 4 of the original report for a detailed analysis of these data, how these rates compare to the Healthy Family 2000 target levels and for dditional information on causes of death.

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Keywords: County, Infant Mortality, Maternal Infant and Child Health, Municipal, Statistics

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