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Economic Burden of Chronic Disease - Focus on Ohio

In the report, "The Unhealthly America: The Economic Burden of Chronic Disease,", the Milken Institute reports current and projected costs of the burden of chronic disease - cancers, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, mental disorders, and pulmonary conditions - to our economic productivity.

The Milken Institute were employed by the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease to generate an exhaustive report documenting the cost of chronic disease in the US and states.

They report the total number of cases with chronic disease, their expenditures, impacts and projected future costs. The institute also projects cost and health benefits if behaviors related to chronic conditions were avoided by the population.

Burden on Ohio

In 2003, over 6.7 million Ohio residents suffered from cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, mental disorders, or pulmonary conditions,  the seven most common chronic illnesses reported in Ohio. That means that one in four Ohioans suffer from at least one of these chronic illnesses.

Ohio ranks in the second quartile (ie, top 25 to 49%) among states for the highest rates of these diseases.

These conditions shorten lives, reduce quality of life, and create considerable burden for caregivers. As we age as a nation, this burden increases on the current and future generations upon whose shoulders, and wallets, these burdens will lie.

In 2003, the loss of productivity due to these illnesses among Ohioans reached over $43 billion dollars.

Report details and links 

The Milken Institute uses federal surveys on medical expenditures and other publicly available data to determine the direct and indirect costs of these chronic illnesses on America.  This link takes you to a printable summary of findings for Ohio. This is a good place to start. (Click here.)

This link takes you to a summary page for Ohio. (Click here.)

This link takes you to an Adobe summary table of cases, expenditures, cost projections, indirect and intergenerational impacts.  (Click here.)

This link takes you to a detailed report on the methodology involved in this report.  (Click here.)

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