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News Items - 2007-2009

Mattel Recalls Nearly One Million Preschool Toys Due To Lead by db — last modified 2007-10-17
Over eighty types of toys, including the popular Dora and Diego, Elmo and Big Bird, are being recalled due to excessive lead used in their manufacturing by factories in China.
Keywords: Nation, Children, Lead Poisoning, Consumer Safety
Recall of Canned Food Products from Castleberry's Expands by db — last modified 2007-10-17
The Cuyahoga County Board of Health provides links to vital information concerning the recall of chili and other products by Castleberry. Local consumers should be aware of this list of products and brands.
Keywords: Food Safety, Consumer Safety
How will population changes affect local health statistics? by db — last modified 2007-11-29
New population estimates for 2005 by the US Census Department show large changes for Cleveland and surrounding counties. This is prompting many health officials, policy analysts and researchers to reconsider and recalculate health statistics.
Mattel announces yet a third recall of toys due to lead by db — last modified 2007-10-17
The Mattel Corporation has extended its recall of toys to include another 675,000 items, including Barbie and GeoTrax labels. This on the heels of two other recalls of that have identified over 10 million items in total.
Keywords: Children, Lead Poisoning, Nation, Consumer Safety
New recalls include toys and baby seats by db — last modified 2007-10-26
On October 25th, Mattel Corporation announced new recalls of specific "Go Diego Go" toys. That same day, the Consumer Protection Agency recalled baby car seats made by Bumbo Incorporated (of South Africa) due to safety concerns.
Keywords: Consumer Safety, Lead Poisoning, Children, Nation
CDC reports over a million chlamydia infections in 2006 by db — last modified 2008-08-30
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states actual infections may be even higher, as many as 2.8 million in the US.
Keywords: STD, Statistics, Municipal, Nation, County, Women's health, Featured Item, Teens, Safe Sex
How well is the statewide workplace smoking ban working? by db — last modified 2008-01-15
Twenty-nine bars and restaurants surveyed in Ohio before and after the ban went into effect benefitted by a remarkable drop in fine particulate air pollution.
Keywords: Environment, Consumer Safety, State, Municipal, Tobacco
Ohioans quitting cigarettes at a faster rate than US by db — last modified 2008-08-11
Fewer Ohio teens and adults are smoking in 2006 than ever before. The decline in the number of people smoking cigarettes from 2001 to 2006 outpaced decreases seen nationally. New policies such as the 2007 statewide ban on indoor tobacco use in public places and ongoing prevention messages may be important factors in this decline. See the report summary by the Ohio Tobacco Research and Evaluation Center (OTREC), located at Case Western Reserve University.
Keywords: Statistics, Tobacco, Substance Abuse, State, Policy, Teens
How to dispose of your prescription medicines by db — last modified 2008-04-01
Federal and state guidelines on the proper disposal of presciption medications and over the counter medications are available.
Keywords: Medical Product Safety, Drugs, Consumer Safety, Nation, Environment, General Information
Smoking prevention funds pulled to pay for jobs program by db — last modified 2008-04-17
Governor Strickland pulls nearly all remaining monies from the tobacco companies' settlement away from tobacco cessation and prevention programs to fund a jobs development program. Prevention programs respond and take the governor to court. See the detailed article in the Cincinnati Enquirer, dated April 14, 2008.
Keywords: Tobacco, Advocacy, Substance Abuse, General Information, State, Policy
Ohio teens exhibit healthier habits - ODH by db — last modified 2008-08-11
The Ohio Department of Health released the 2007 Youth Risk Behavioral Survey (YRBS) on Ohio teens.
Keywords: Nutrition, Mental Health, Statistics, Obesity, Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs, Substance Abuse, State, Open Access, Injury and Violence, Safe Sex, Access to Health Care, Teens, Suicide
New Local Disease Surveillance Reports Made Available to Public by db — last modified 2008-09-03
Local health departments are releasing quarterly summaries of selected communicable (infectious) disease surveillance. Class A type diseases are reported for Cuyahoga County, Cleveland and Shaker Heights.
Keywords: Maternal Infant and Child Health, Statistics, Immunizations, Municipal, Consumer Safety, County, Digestive Diseases
Lakewood health services to be provided by Cuyahoga County Board of Health by db — last modified 2008-06-20
Lakewood joins the Cuyahoga County health district.
Keywords: County, Services, Municipal
Cleveland Clinic patients evacuated from buildings due to gas leak by db — last modified 2008-06-24
Local news outlets are reporting on a gas leak near two Cleveland Clinic buildings that led to evacuation of many patients.
Keywords: Featured Item
New cases of HIV/AIDS increased 57% among Cuyahoga County youth by db — last modified 2008-08-11
A summary report of STD and HIV/AIDS surveillance of Cuyahoga County youth age 15 to 24 years provides information on Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV/AIDS diagnoses recently made in the County (STD 2006, HIV/AIDS 2006-2007).
Keywords: STD, Statistics, Municipal, County, Maps, Disparity, HIV/AIDS, Teens, Safe Sex
Rapid increase in syphilis leads to joint public health action by db — last modified 2009-02-04
City, county and state public health officials react quickly to a rapid increase in syphilis in Cuyahoga County in two populations at risk.
Keywords: STD, Maternal Infant and Child Health, Infant Mortality, Municipal, Oral Health, County, Statistics, Birth Defects, Featured Item, Pregnancy, Safe Sex
Medicaid coverage expansion benefits additional Ohioans and pregnant women by db — last modified 2008-07-11
Initiatives proposed by Govenor Stickland provides greater, more affordable access to health care among Ohio's uninsured.
Keywords: Maternal Infant and Child Health, State, Advocacy, Children, Services, Health Insurance, Medicaid, Pregnancy, Women's health, Access to Health Care
Fewer Cleveland residents tested positive for HIV/AIDS in 2007 by db — last modified 2008-09-11
HIV incidence (new diagnoses) reported to health officials dropped 22% from 2006 to 2007 according to HIV/AIDS surveillance by the Cleveland Department of Public Health.
Keywords: Statistics, Municipal, Disparity, HIV/AIDS, Teens, Safe Sex, Local
Cleveland ranked #16 for urban sustainability and ecological health by db — last modified 2008-09-25
The City of Cleveland was ranked 16th among 50 major cities in the U.S. urban sustainability and ecological health. Top rankings included #1 for water supply and metro street congestion, #2 for local food and agriculture, and #3 for natural disaster risk.
Keywords: Nutrition, Statistics, Municipal, Environment, Emergency Preparedness, Local, Food Safety
Flu Shot Clinics provided by Cleveland Department of Public Health by db — last modified 2008-11-23
Even if you are healthy, you will need a flu shot and/or pneumonia shot to protect youself and your family from getting sick.
Keywords: Respiratory Diseases, Immunizations, Municipal, Event Calendar, Health Clinics, Local, Access to Health Care
Ohio infant mortality higher among lower income, less educated families. by db — last modified 2008-11-13
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation study show link between lower family income and child health and education.
Keywords: Maternal Infant and Child Health, Infant Mortality, Leading Causes of Death, State, Statistics, Poverty, Education, HP 2010 Leading Indicators
Cuyahoga County middle school students left alone after school had worse behavior by db — last modified 2008-11-20
The 2008 Cuyahoga County Middle School Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) Report examined the trends of risky behavior (tobacco, alcohol and marijuana use) among middle school students (7th & 8th graders) and time left alone after school.
Keywords: Statistics, Asthma, Alcohol, Oral Health, Crime, Maps, Disparity, Suicide, HIV/AIDS, Injury and Violence, Teens, Nutrition, Municipal, Drugs, Physical Activity, Substance Abuse, Poverty, STD, Respiratory Diseases, Tobacco, Obesity, Mental Health, Education, County, Pregnancy, Safe Sex, Children
Medicaid/SCHIP program expands to make nearly all uninsured Ohio kids eligible by db — last modified 2009-01-07
Expansion of Healthy Family Healthy Start to cover nearly all uninsured Ohio children. (Press release for December 8, 2008.)
Keywords: Maternal Infant and Child Health, Immunizations, State, Primary Care, Children, Health Insurance, Medicaid, Policy, Access to Health Care
Decrease in smoking is seen among those with more education by db — last modified 2009-01-07
Analysis of the Ohio BRFSS (Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System) data from 2000 to 2007 reveals that the percent of current smokers decreased significantly among those with college degrees only. Since 2000, the percentage of current smokers decreased only slightly, or remained steady, among those with less education.
Keywords: Statistics, Tobacco, State, Substance Abuse, Disparity, Poverty, Education
Ohio flunks on two health grades to combat tobacco addiction by db — last modified 2009-01-14
The 2008 American Lung Association report flunks Ohio on two measures: tobacco prevention & control spending, and cessation coverage, after Ohio pulls funding for prevention measures and services to help people quit tobacco use.
Keywords: Tobacco, Advocacy, County, State, Policy, Local
Area physicians improve care for diabetic patients compared to national averages by db — last modified 2009-02-02
A partnership of local area hospitals, clinics and other health care providers show better care of diabetic patients by area primary care group practices than national averages. The report by Better Health Greater Cleveland is linked here.
Keywords: Healthcare Quality, Statistics, Municipal, Primary Care, County, Disparity, Medicaid, Chronic Disease, Local, Access to Health Care, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes
Syphilis outbreak in Cuyahoga County, 2008-2009 by db — last modified 2009-03-04
March 3, 2009 - Local health officials released a report that describes an outbreak of syphilis that began in July 2007. Infection rates from April 2008 to November 2008 increased significantly. A Public Health Alert letter to notify medical professionals has been written by the medical directors of the local public health offices.
Keywords: STD, Statistics, Municipal, County, Maps, Featured Item, Pregnancy, Teens, Safe Sex, Local
Public Health Alert letter on syphilis outbreak to medical providers by db — last modified 2009-03-06
Medical professionals, medical centers, clinics and prenatal care service organizations are asked to increase screening for syphilis.
Public Health Alert letter to medical and prenatal caregivers on syphilis outbreak by db — last modified 2009-03-06
Medical professionals, medical centers, clinics and prenatal care service organizations are asked to increase screening for syphilis. The letter was written by the medical directors of the Cuyahoga County, Cleveland and Shaker Heights public health agencies.
Recall of Pistachios and Pistachio Products - April 2009 by db — last modified 2009-04-02
April 2, 2009: Recall notices released by the Ohio Department of Health includes raw pistachios and products with pistachios.
Keywords: State, Digestive Diseases, Food Safety
More adults in tri-county area lack health insurance - 2008 Ohio Family Health Survey by db — last modified 2009-05-29
The 2008 Ohio Family Health Survey reveals that almost a quarter of a million adults age 18 to 64 in Cuyahoga, Lorain and Summit counties lack health insurance. The analysis was released by the Center for Community Solutions.
Keywords: Statistics, State, Health Insurance, Children, County, Disparity, Medicaid, Access to Health Care
ODH confirms cancer cluster in Clyde, OH (near Sandusky) by db — last modified 2009-09-14
The Ohio Department of Health confirmed that there was a cluster of 27 cancer cases in and around Clyde, OH, within an area that included parts of Ottawa, Sandusky and Erie counties. Historical investigations are proceeding to determine possible environmental events, but investigators are not confident a single source will be determined.
Keywords: Environment, State, Children, Cancer
Cuyahoga County cancer risk from air pollution higher than national average by db — last modified 2009-06-29
The EPA released a report that indicates that millions of people nationwide are at higher risk for cancer due to air pollution. Maps prepared by the EPA and published by National Public Radio show the risk of cancer due to air pollution for all counties in the US.
Keywords: Environment, Statistics, Cancer, Leading Causes of Death, Nation, County, Maps, State
College students concerned about sexual health by db — last modified 2009-09-15
According to a recent Plain Dealer article, college students are relying on campus health clinics for STD screening, sexual health information and birth control.
Keywords: STD, Safe Sex, Local, Access to Health Care, HIV/AIDS
What's killing Ohioans and residents in Cuyahoga County? by db — last modified 2009-09-20
Several recent cause of death reports are available, but information collected from death certificates is questioned.
Keywords: Respiratory Diseases, State, Statistics
One in six births to Cuyahoga County mothers in 2006 were premature by db — last modified 2010-01-16
A recent report presenting infant and maternal health indicators taken from birth certificates for 2006 showed that 17% (1 in 6) county and 20% (1 in 5) Cleveland births were premature, born less than 37 weeks of gestational age. Three tables with data on premature births, birthweight, births to teens, and maternal smoking are presented for Cleveland neighborhood and Cuyahoga County municipalities.
Keywords: Maternal Infant and Child Health, Statistics, Municipal, Tobacco, Substance Abuse, County, Family Planning, Pregnancy, Women's health, Teens, Local, Children
Ohio is second in nation for obesity-related health costs by db — last modified 2009-11-23
Historical data of the extent and costs of obesity across states show that Ohio is second in the nation (Oklahoma as first) in obesity-related health care costs. Ohio has more to gain by reducing obesity than most other states.
Keywords: Policy, Obesity, Nation, State, Diabetes
Restaurant inspection reports for Cleveland are now online by db — last modified 2010-01-20
As of January 11, 2010, the Division of Environment of the Cleveland Department of Public Health are making Cleveland restaurant inspection reports available to the public from their website.
Keywords: Local, Food Safety, Municipal

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