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LocalHealth is a network for people who communicate and use community health data. We created this network to help us share information in a rich and accessible context. LocalHealth users include communities, individuals, journalists and service providers. Contents in this section describe how to use LocalHealth, who is involved, and our policies and terms of use.
Purpose and Goals by admin — last modified 2007-08-04
ClevelandHealth.info is a partnership to help community members locate and contribute health information for Cleveland, Cuyahoga County and surrounding areas.
How to Use This Site by admin — last modified 2007-07-17
Shortcuts, hints and help topics to help you find what you need, quickly.
Membership Details by admin — last modified 2008-08-08
How to make use of resources for members and groups.
Partners by admin — last modified 2007-12-17
Partners have teamed up with ClevelandHealth.info to develop our community nexus of health knowledge.
Policies and Terms by admin — last modified 2007-07-19
ClevelandHealth.info's privacy policy, membership policy, and terms of use.
Personnel by admin — last modified 2009-09-08
These are the people currently working on ClevelandHealth.info.
Member Organizations by admin — last modified 2007-07-17
Membership by admin — last modified 2008-08-08
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LocalHealth is a network of health information users hosted by the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and developed in association with our primary partners:

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