Acknowledging Diabetic Food List Best and Worst Choices; Here’s the Guide for Healthy Life

Diabetic food list best and worst choicesAre you currently looking for a list of diabetic food list best and worst choices? If yes, so far, how far have you understood the point of view for this? Are you freaking out that you cannot eat street foods you find on your way home from work? Don’t be. Actually, you need to start thinking that no matter how hard living with diabetes can be, your diabetic food list is the one that will keep you on track, making you able to help yourself and live longer, live healthier. Another thing to tell that you don’t have to be freaking out is that; the diet plan is not as hard as you think before. How so?

First of all, let’s all think that the plan will only make you healthier, keeping your blood sugar in balance, having you a normal life, and whatnot. That thinking alone, will keep you going and throwing all those negative thoughts about living with it. Secondly, the diet plan is not as hard as you think simply because you will find a lot of them in every traditional or modern market. Thirdly, you will even discover that some of them will keep you on budget, because they are from natural ingredients and that is the one you can have for a go on a day. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Basic Needs

Before coming up with some of the lists here, please always make sure to give a positive insight to your brains. This positive thoughts will lead you to a better understanding. That way, you are not going to be stressed that you will be missing some of your important events in your life. The opposite, the lists will even give you a better life, even better than those who are not living with this special diet plan. This is a part of basic needs you need to have right when you do grocery shopping. Have some list and make sure they are decorated just the way you like it. How fun!

Now let’s come up with the actual basic needs you need to have for your diabetic food lists plan. Here are some category of food you will need.

  • Bread, seeds, and other source of flour substances
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Meat, meat substitute, and other protein sources
  • Dairy product
  • Fat, oil, and sweetener

As you have seen above, there will be four major categories you need to fulfill when you do grocery shopping. When you go around the market, do not get lost, as in losing yourself on the list of your diet plan. Make sure that you have known the best and worst choices you need to have and don’t have. This way, you are going to have a perfect plan. That alone can keep you on budget and stay you in track. However, another thing to remember is to categorize the lists you will need for a week or so, for example. Are you ready? If so, let’s have a look on the lists of the worst and best ones!

1. Bread, Seeds, and Other Source of Flour Substances

Besides containing vitamin, mineral, and fiber, the foods in this first category is majorly involving complex carbohydrate. The body will change complex carbohydrate into sugar or glucose as a source of energy. Although carbohydrate makes the level of glucose increase, complex carbohydrate will be absorbed slower compared to regular carbohydrate.

  • The best choice: whole grain flour such as whole wheat. Brown rice, cereal, roasted potato. They can be added with a little touch of sugar.
  • The worst choice: white flour, processed seeds such as white rice, cereal with a little whole rain and rich of sugar, white bread, and French fries

2. Vegetables

Vegetables contain carbohydrate, vitamin, and mineral. They normally contain a littler carbohydrate than fruits. There are many vegetables that contain fiber and low fat plus sodium. The vegetables that have flour substance such as potato and corn, are not in this category. These two things are in bread, seeds, and other source of flour substance. Have a look on the category you can have for best and worst choices to vegetables.

  • The best choice: fresh vegetables, eat in raw or boiled, frozen vegetables (heated for a while), fresh cucumber, fresh-greeted cabbage or lettuce.
  • The worst choice: canned vegetables rich with additional sodium, vegetables cooked with too much butter, cheese, or sauce, pickles, fermented vegetables.

3. Fruits

Fruits contain carbohydrate, vitamin, mineral, and fiber. Naturally, fruits are low fat (except for avocado) and sodium. It is often to find that fruits contain more carbohydrate than vegetables. Here are some list to follow. Oh! There is one additional information: that you had better eat fruit with your own mouth and chew it, rather than having them processed in processor. Why so? Fruits and saliva do good as a prevention from cancer. What a fact!

  • The best choice: frozen fruits, fresh fruits, free sugar or low sugar jam, apple sauce with no sugar, a hundred percent fresh fruit juice or low fat ones.
  • The worst choice: canned fruits rich with sugar, chewy fruit rolls, regular jam, apple sauce with too much preservative and sugar, fruit drink, fruity juice drink, and sweetened soda.

4. Meat, Meat Substitute, and Other Protein Sources

  • The best choice: roasted meat or boiled one, low fat meat such as sirloin, low fat cheese, chicken (without the fatty skin), roasted or boiled fish, sauté tofu, boiled ones tofu, or combined with soup.
  • The worst choice: fried met, high fat meat such as limb part, regular cheese, chicken (with skin attached), fried fish, fried tofu, or all ingredients cooked with oil and fat.

5. Dairy Product

  • The best choice: skim milk, low fat yogurt, low fat cheese, sour cream with no fat, low fat frozen yogurt, and low carbohydrate.
  • The best choice: whole milk, regular yogurt, regular cheese, regular sour cream, and regular ice cream.

6. Oil, Fat, and Sweetener

Besides those three mentioned above, you also have to pay attention to the snacks below that are rich with them.

  • The best choice: roasted potato chips, roasted corn chips, vegetable oil, non-hydrogenated butter, butter, low-reduced-fat mayonnaise, low fat salad dressing.
  • The worst choice: all snacks deep fried in fat such as fried potato chips, fried corn chips, non-hydrogenated vegetable oil and butter, regular mayonnaise, and regular salad dressing.

So, that is so much to tell for diabetic food list best and worst choices, isn’t there? Stay healthy, stay positive!

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