Hi, My name is David Bruckman and I am the Biostatistician at the Cleveland Department of Public Health and an Adjunct Faculty member of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics of the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. (whew.) I hope you like the content and can find what you need. If you cannot find what you need, contact us by clicking the envelope in the top right corner of each page.

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New Community Health Indicators report - 2010 Update May 11, 2010
Tobacco use in Cuyahoga County and Cleveland - 2009 September 01, 2010
2007 National Survey of Children's Health May 21, 2009
April 2010 is Minority Health Month April 15, 2010
Cleveland restaurant and food vendor inspections are now online January 11, 2010
Q4 2013 HIV/AIDS Prevalence & Exposure Reports - new format April 04, 2014
Preliminary 2013 HIV/AIDS and Syphilis Surveillance Report February 14, 2014
2012 HIV Surveillance Report for Cuyahoga County and Cleveland October 03, 2013
2012 Syphilis Surveillance Report for Cleveland and Cuyahoga County October 09, 2013
Q2 2013 HIV/AIDS Prevalence and Exposure Reports August 15, 2013
News Items - 2007-2009 September 24, 2009
Export July 30, 2007
Linked files for news items May 29, 2008
New Cleveland Neighborhood lines and names February 14, 2013
Influenza hospitalizations, 2012-2013 flu season (ODH) February 14, 2013
Ohio fracking map July 13, 2012
HIP-C logo July 02, 2012
HIP-C logo July 02, 2012
Leading Causes of Death for Cuyahoga County, 2010 July 31, 2013
"Protecting Our Future" - 2011 Child Fatality Report from the Medical Examiner's Office November 27, 2012
Nicotine, tar, and carbon monixide in cigarettes - FTC July 31, 2012
Fast Food Nutrition Guide July 31, 2012
Quarterly reportable disease reports available August 31, 2010
News Item
Fewer area children are poisoned by lead November 25, 2013
Deaths due to drug overdoses increase in Cuyahoga County and Ohio October 08, 2013
Genetic link to hypertension found among African Americans (research study) October 03, 2013
Local public health report notes an increase in injection drug-associated HIV October 03, 2013
New Catalog of Data Resources Released August 22, 2013
Smart Folder
Cleveland Ward-specific Statistics July 30, 2007
Events June 03, 2007
Hospitals and Health Systems August 14, 2007
Maternal Services August 10, 2007
Event Calendars August 02, 2007
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