Best recipes for diabetic smoothies

diabetic smoothiesLiving with diabetes might have taken some of the fun that you should have. With a diabetes in your body, your food and drink will be very limited to only food and drink that will not make your diabetes worse, and those that will make your diabetes go away from your life. Sadly, the kinds of foods and drinks that you have to consume to achieve those healthy goals are mostly not in the form of tasty and yummy foods and drinks. Imagine that you have to live with green vegetables and fruits most of your time.

Fortunately, creative people with diabetes have found a way to make your diabetic life cheerful again, and this is done by making you make some smoothies instead of eating your vegetables and fruits in a normal way. So, what are the best diabetic smoothies that you can try to make your diabetes disappear?

Do you like green smoothies?

If you are having a type-2 diabetes, making yourself healthy again by eating green vegetables might seem to be the only way to make the disease disappear or at least to make the condition less dangerous. Fortunately, drinking smoothies is actually another way to achieve that goal.

To make your own green smoothies for your diabetic smoothies, what you need to prepare is a Handful of spinach, three slices of cucumber, half stalk of green big celery, and to make the color more cheerful and the aroma more appealing, you need to add one teaspoon of organic cinnamon. You can also add two strawberries to make the smoothies even more colorful.

To make the smoothies healthy, you can also add one tablespoon of flax seed, half cup of blueberries. You can choose either frozen or fresh! They are both healthy. Three tablespoon of organic rolled oats, one tablespoon of raw cacao, and some six ounces of unsweetened almond milk. Mix them in a food processor or a blender and you will get what you have been expected: a normal blood sugar!

Need a recipe that does not take too many ingredients to prepare? Here we have it!

If you think that our previous recipe is too much for you, you can have another recipe that is easy to make, especially if you like strawberry and banana because we are going to mix those two fruits up and make your life healthier.

To make this smoothies, what you need to prepare are two heads of baby bok choy for the green, one peeled medium banana, and two cups of strawberries with a quarter avocado. Mix these ingredients together using your loved blender and you can get the fastest and the healthiest diabetic smoothies for your diabetes.

One more thing!

However, drinking a glass of diabetic smoothies is not the cure for your diabetes. You also have to change your lifestyle so that your diabetes will not get worse. In addition, you need to always check your condition with a doctor to make sure that you get the best.

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