Borderline Diabetic Food List that Everyone Must Know

Borderline Diabetic FoodBorderline Diabetic food list is an important thing that everyone should be aware of. Diabetic is one of the biggest disease spread in the world. This disease is caused by unhealthy lifestyle or can be happen because of the genetics. Borderline diabetic, or in another word is also known as prediabetes. This means that a person has a high blood sugar but not high enough to be categorized as diabetic. Thus, the blood sugar also too high if we call it as normal. Borderline diabetic or prediabetes makes our risk of getting diabetes type 2 bigger. This thing will surely make us worried if we already have borderline diabetic or prediebetes. Within our concern to change our lifestyle, eat the healthy meal daily, we can slowly reduce our risk for getting the ‘real’ diabetes.

Food List that Borderline Diabetic Must Avoid

  • Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are one of the components that is important to our body. But it is different when it comes to people who have borderline diabetic. This needs to be controlled. We need to be aware that carbohydrates make blood sugar getting high in short of time. So when we eat our food which is in a carbohydrates group such as rice, potatoes, cereal, pasta, yoghurt, we need to considerate about the portion for the meals that we are going to eat.

  • Sodium

Sodium can be found mostly in canned foods and fast foods. As we know that these type of food has very high risk to affect our body and immune system. People who have borderline diabetic are highly recommended to get away from this food. You can start from stopping yourself to eat these food and change it into the healthy ones.

  • Fats

Fats that are too much make our body takes risks in getting disease to another level. Fats which are  healthy and in a proper portion is the only fats that our body need to. If you are still relying yourself into eating fat to have a healthy body. You might try to change the unhealthy fats on your food into healthy fats such as vegetable oils, peanuts, and etc.

  • Fiber Foods

To have a healthy life, you can try a simple trick in avoiding fiber foods such as try to replace your breads into beans. From studies at several universities. Eating beans is very good to your body. This gives you a great full sense and great healthy effect. You can try to look for recipes in cooking beans to make your beans taste not so boring.

  • ‘Another’ Carbohydrate

White breads and desserts are sometimes associated with bad carbohydrate that we like but really have a horrible effect to our health. This is because the breads and the desserts have already had high carbohydrate on it and being added with another sugar in the making process.

Borderline Diabetic or Prediabetes Sign

In the most of the case happen, getting a high thirst in the most of the time is happening in almost all people who have borderline diabetic or prediabetes sign. You also might get tired very often even when you have nothing heavy to do, but you feel that your jody is so tired anyway. The next is you might have a not clear vision when you see things around you, this is a comnon symptomps for birderline diabetic or prediabetes. If you have wounds around your body, the wound that is very hard to be cured can be a sign of borderline diabetic or prediabetes. This may happen in many cases. But for some people (not many) having no signs or symptomps of borderline diabetic or prediabetes can happen anyway. This depends on people’s body condition and immune system.

Lifestyle Changes for Borderline Diabetic or Prediabetes

In order to decrease our risk to be affected by diabetes 2. We really have to have strong willing to change our bad habit and lifestyle. This means that we need to leave the things that are not good for our body. It is not guarantee for us to have diabetes if our family members have it (usually if you have family with diabetes, it will make your risk of getting the same disease higher). But for some cases, people can have a better healthy life after they change their lifestyle. Changing the lifestyle does not always mean that you need to change everything all of sudden. The changes need a process, of course. You can start from a little thing you can change in the first place such as sleep for enough time and wake up in the morning. You can also try to change your habit to drink more water in the day. Dehydration can make your health condition even worse when you have borderline diabetic.

After you can manage yourself to change the little things then you can move your way to change to other big things such as try to stop yourself to smoke or drink. This way is a tough way for some people but within strong willing and concern to have a better health, it is not impossible. You can try to less your portion of smoking or drinking in a slow time. Why? Because it is effective rather than try to stop it directly at a time.

The next step is to manage the food that your mouth eats. You need to consider that all food that go to your stomach can affect your health too. You can also try to do some basics exercise to keep your health better and also make your body healthier. Even having a healthy state if mind is included in making your health better. By having healthy state if mind, you will have a healthy soul at the same time. You will feel very relaxed even in the tough time at your life. So, borderline diabetic food list and changes of lifestyle are the two things that we can do to avoid getting the ‘real’ diabetes go to our body.

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