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Tumor and Cancer

Tumor is a wild cell and inside the body undergoing the process of development. These tumors can be in a fixed location or spread to other body parts. These tumors have early symptoms such as a lump in certain body parts. Untreated tumor cells can turn into a malignant tumor or cancer. This cancer is going in an uncontrolled cell growth. Differences in tumor and cancer are the tumor does not grow while cancer cells divide rapidly and spread very easily to other body parts. This growth is damaging the shape and function of organs that are still healthy. If not treated quickly, the cancer cells will divide and infiltrate into other parts of the body.

Cancer Causes

Cancer is caused by various factors. Besides heredity, cancer is usually influenced by the style of life of patients who are not controlled. Some cancers patients are generally consume carcinogenic substances. Everyone has the seeds of cancer, but whether these seeds develop into cancer or not depends on the material carcinogens into the body. Carcinogens are a material that stimulates the growth of cancer cells. It is usually found in foods with preservatives, instant foods, fatty foods, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Early Symptoms and Medical Diagnostics

The early symptoms of cancer are usually marked by bumps or stray tissue in the body. This is followed by the immune system decreases. In addition, the patient will have difficulty swallowing in the long term. The body will feel weak and without strength. This sometimes causes the appearance of being pale. Patients will also experience inflammation. There are several medical examinations that can be taken to detect cancer. You can do radiology, CT scan, MRI, biopsy, and laboratory tests to diagnose the discomfort you feel.

Cancer Growth Stage

Cancer has 3 stages of growth. The first is the initiation stage. This is a process of cell growth caused by stimulation of continuous use carcinogenic materials. The second is the promotion stage wherein cells become abnormal, change the function and form. The third stage is the stage of progression, at this stage of the cancer cells begins to attack the lining of the wrapping and the existing structures in the vicinity.

Care and Treatment

Treating cancer requires maximum effort because the process is long and not easy. The success of the treatment and care of cancer depends on the diet and lifestyle of patients is different from one another. Patients should be rested, do not get too tired and too many thoughts, and consume healthy foods and beverages. Avoid fatty foods, alcohol and soft drinks in excess. Expand to eat vegetables and fruits each day. Do not forget to do a medical check to determine the health development.