Cinnamon and Diabetes: Facts about Natural Alternatives

cinnamon and diabetes

Some people prefer to deal with diseases by using a non-medical ways. It is due to the fact that medicines can give side effects which are rather avoided.However, natural alternatives can actually gives certain side effects towards the body, especially when they are not combined well by the users.

The example is the relation between cinnamon and diabetes. Many people believe that cinnamon can lower blood sugar and become the natural alternatives for diabetes sufferers.Besides the blurred facts, some people likes to consume cinnamon along with their meal or combine it with recipes. If you wonder about the truth, you may want to continue reading about cinnamon and diabetes below.

The Effectiveness of Cinnamon for Diabetes Patients

The research done by American Diabetes Association shows that cinnamon is actually not the best solution for diabetes treatment.It is indeed can make blood sugar levels better and lower the insulin resistance. Some people who develop diabetes also have liver damage within their body. With this kind of case, the relation between cinnamon and diabetes is no longer matching.

It is due to the fact that the consuming too much cinnamon can worse the condition of your liver. Therefore, it is important to consult to the doctor if you want to take cinnamon as supplements or as the combination with medications.

Some people prefer cinnamon in capsules or tablets. In case you prefer these forms, it is better to check the quality of the seal in order to prevent unwanted ingredients.It is important to do because supplements products can be marketed without proving the effectiveness and the safety of the products.

Regardless the debates over the relation between cinnamon and diabetes, it might be helpful for regular supplement towards type 2 diabetes treatment.The use of cinnamon can help controlling glycemic and increasing insulin action. A study in 2009 found that in order to improve hemoglobin A1C levels, patients are encouraged to take 500 mg cinnamon capsules that are taken twice a day as long as 90 days.

Especially for type 2 diabetes patients who do not really get a proper treatment, consuming the capsules can improves the hemoglobin A1C up to 7 percents. It is important to remember that having diabetes means that you sign a commitment to control your blood sugar, eat in healthy ways, and do regular exercises.Some patients even take medications and do insulin therapy in order to stabilize their blood sugar levels.

Can Cinnamon be combined with Other Herbs and Medicines?

Supplements that are taken by diabetes sufferers are mostly functioned to lower blood sugar levels.The Supplements which are mostly used include garlic, bitter melon, siberian ginseng, horse chestnut, devil’s claw, fenugreek, alpha lipoic acid, chromium, panax, and psyllium.

If you take medications in order to treat your diabetes, it is still possible to combine it with cinnamon supplements. However, it is more recommended to consult to the doctor. By taking additional supplements to treat the disease, you need to control your blood sugar levels in case it drops much lower than normal.

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