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Resources for help with using and interpreting data.
Information Quality by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
Resources to help assess the reliability, meaning and usefulness of health information
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Maps and Geography by jdc10 — last modified 2009-07-11
This section guides you to examples and explanations of geographic units often found in population statistics.
Keywords: Data Help, Municipal, Nation, County, Maps, State, Ward, MSA
Making Charts and Graphs by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
Resources and tutorials for graphical displays of data
Keywords: Data Help
Glossaries by jdc10 — last modified 2007-12-23
Find definitions of statistical terms.
Keywords: Data Help
Information Access by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
Finding information is half the battle - then comes actually getting ahold of it. Although many resources are freely available over the Internet, others are still print-only or are restricted by fees or memberships.
Keywords: Data Help
Calculators and Conversions by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
Keywords: Data Help
Common Concepts in Statistics by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
Common terms, concepts and methods in statistics.
Keywords: Data Help
The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
Smart and humane, enticing for the motivated. By Gerard E. Dallal, Ph.D at Tufts University.
Keywords: Data Help
NeighborhoodLink's Short Course to Data and Statistics by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
"[B]rief instructional guide to empower and assist residents of Cleveland neighborhoods in utilizing the abundance of available data and information to more effectively engage in the betterment of their communities. The following steps will explain exactly how to attain and use data and statistics."
Keywords: Data Help
Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
"The guidelines provided here are intended to help review authors to be systematic and explicit (not mechanistic!) about the questions they pose and how they derive answers to those questions."
Keywords: Data Help
Understanding Risk by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
"[S]ingle event probabilities, conditional probabilities (such as sensitivity and specificity), and relative risks... How can doctors improve the presentation of statistical information so that patients can make well informed decisions?"
Keywords: Data Help
Print Materials for Fundamentals of Medical Decision Making by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
A syllabus of print materials at Cleveland Health Sciences Library covering epidemiological and statistical topics. FMDM is an introductory course for medical students. Links to other library holdings.
Keywords: Data Help
How to Read a Paper by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
How to understand qualitative research, systematic reviews and meta-analyses, economic analyses, diagnostic or screening tests, drug trials, statistics for the non-statistician, methodological quality,the Medline database
Keywords: Data Help
Bandolier Learning Zone - Evidence Topic PDFs by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
These PDF files are introductory articles to statistical and evidence topics. They are clean and concise, with examples.
Keywords: Data Help
Hyperstat by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
Lessons, glossary, links, and yes, advertisements (forgive them).
Keywords: Data Help
Bandolier Extra by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
Internet essays on specific topics,that can be read on-screen in HTML or are available as printable PDFs. More high yield goodness, if you're looking to get in touch with your smart side.
Keywords: Data Help
Natural Frequencies by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
The antidote to clouded thinking: clinical risk need not be misjudged.
Keywords: Data Help
PlanetMath.org by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
PlanetMath is a virtual community, whose members contribute entries to a mathematics (and statistics) encyclopedia. Go here if you think chi-square is a fraternity dance and be enlightened.
Keywords: Data Help
Example of validity types by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
This National Cancer Institute article discusses analytic validity, clinical validity and clinical utility the context of genetic studies.
Keywords: Data Help
Problems With Using Microsoft Excel for Statistics - PDF by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
The original PDF version. This criticizes Excel 2000. I don't know of any of these problems are addressed in subsequent versions of Excel. These issues wouldn't seem to affect low-level uses of the program, but judge for yourself.
Keywords: Data Help
Databases or Internet Resources? by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
"When you need authoritative, scholarly information for class assignments or research... "
Keywords: Data Help
20 Questions A Journalist Should Ask About Poll Results by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-24
"[T]o help educate journalists on the use of public opinion polls," this publication promotes the polling industry while reviewing valid points about data quality in polls.
Keywords: Data Help
Dissertations and Theses by admin — last modified 2007-12-17
"This is an index of electronic thesis and dissertations available in the OhioLINK ETD Center." This database included 7031 records as of 2005-09-12.
How to access health indicator data at the census tract level from NEOCANDO by db — last modified 2008-07-09
Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started
Keywords: Data Help, Statistics, Open Access, Health Info Portal

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