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Maps and Geography

This section guides you to examples and explanations of geographic units often found in population statistics.
Geographic Definitions with Example Maps by jdc10 — last modified 2008-04-13
Resources to explain and illustrate the geographic boundaries used for population data.
Keywords: Maps
Find Cleveland Wards by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-26
Cleveland City Council website offers interactive ward map.
Keywords: Maps
NODIS - Northern Ohio Data and Information Service by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-26
NODIS is a unit of Cleveland State University, Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs, an expert center providing a wealth of maps, reports, instruction and other services. This is the best site, with maps showing US Census information, political boundaries, educational and economic data. You can even generate your own maps using their Interactive Map generator.
Keywords: Maps, Data Sources
NEO-CANDO Cleveland SPA Map by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-26
PDF map of cleveland Statistical Planning Areas.
Keywords: Maps
Census Maps from NODIS by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-26
Cleveland, Cleveland Ward, Cuyahoga and seven county area maps can be found here. Map data include racial/ethnic populations, change in population, poverty, home ownership/rental, and unemployment.
Keywords: Statistics, Municipal, County, Maps, Data Sources, Ward
Cleveland City Ward Maps from NODIS by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-26
Click here to find a printable map of Cleveland Wards
Keywords: Maps
Yahoo! Maps by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-26
Nice graphics, directions, traffic updates. Shows amenities like dining, entertainment, community services. Some neighborhood names and amenities are out-of-date.
Keywords: Maps
NEO-CANDO by jdc10 — last modified 2009-04-07
The Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development's interactive database features map creation from selected data.
Keywords: Statistics, Municipal, County, Maps, Data Sources, Ward, MSA
NEO-CANDO Local Geographies Explained by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-26
An overview of Census-derived and locally-defined geographies related to NEO-CANDO interactive database, including Census tracts and Cleveland SPAs and wards. PDF file with links to maps and further information sources.
Keywords: Maps, Data Help
NeighborhoodLink Maps by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-26
Cleveland wards, staistical planning area (SPA) and community development corporation maps. Be forewarned, very large files!
Keywords: Maps
images by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-26
Keywords: Maps
Cleveland City Planning Commssion GIS by db — last modified 2007-09-26
Interactive mapping from Cleveland Planning Commission's Geographic Information System offers ward, SPA, zoning, police district, parcel data and many other municipal features. Once at this site, click LAYER CONTROL in order to view different features.
Keywords: Maps, Data Sources, Ward
Mapquest by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-26
This map goes directly to Cleveland. Use the In/Out bar and select the magnification you are seeking. You can click into the Mapquest map to recenter the map and zoom In/Out from there. Try it!
Keywords: Maps
Google Maps by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-26
Keywords: Maps
Google Satellite by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-26
More browsable and accessible than other satellite image sources, but copyrighted.
Keywords: Maps
TopoZone by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-26
Topographic maps searchable by location name or coordinates. Offers extended features including aerial and infrared photography on a paid basis.
Keywords: Maps
Google Satellite and Street Map Hybrid by jdc10 — last modified 2007-09-26
A great feature for private and planning purposes. Images copyrighted.
Keywords: Maps
Ohio Counties Map by admin — last modified 2007-12-05
The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) provides this map on their website. Clicking a county opens a static highway map of that county.
Keywords: County, Maps, State
HealthMap - track global disease interactively (MIT-Harvard) by db — last modified 2008-07-11
Childrens Hospital Boston, along with MIT and Harvard, have developed a web-based public health surveillance system that is freely accessable and current. This mapping tool scours the Internet for public health information on infectious disease outbreaks and interactively maps these events.
Keywords: Statistics, Health Info Portal, Consumer Safety, Nation, Maps, Data Sources, Food Safety, Bioterror

Keywords: County, Data Help, MSA, Maps, Municipal, Nation, State, Ward

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