Diabetic Food List System: Follow the Simple Steps and Rules Here!

Diabetic food list systemThe following diabetic food list system is hopefully helping you on how manage your own diabetic food list. The food list is not something you have to scare about not having enough time to complete the list, or running errands for grocery list later. The food lists are supposed to be a guidance. The guidance that can tell you what to buy and what not to buy. This way too, the function of this food list is not only to guide you, but also to keep yourself on track, to finally get purposes, great diets, and amazing results.

Having diabetes in your life is supposed to be an alarm for you to always keep yourself healthy. Remember, with diabetes in your life, you do not have to live in full of nightmares. The nightmares and shadows you have about your food will not happen, once you follow the lists and always keep yourself on right paths. Thus, making the lists on detail has become one of the best and fun things to do. As suggestion, you had better make the list yourself, so you know all the measurements, and how the system will work, and why you need to have this food and not that food.

  • A Simple System

As a person with diabetes, you have to always think that everything will be easier, and easier, and easier. A thinking you build will also impact to your own brain, to your life, to your diets. Thus, having a good positive thinking on your food lists too, will be very helpful once you make the list yourself. The system is actually pretty simple, very simple if it should be said. To sum up all before finally explaining one by one, the system only consists of a title as an identity of the paper, the group lists, the each substances (e.g. carbs, protein, etc), as well as the portion in grams.

Now see why are those important to be on your food lists? Well, managing a food list is simply like you managing a meal plan, a regular diet plan, a regular exercise plan, a study plan, a work plan, a mind map, or a brainstorming map. All things have to be clear and pristine. Someday when you have to go your own grocery, or you have to ask someone to do it for you, all the needs have been listed according to portion. And that way, you will be easier too to manage the budget you have. Money is not everything here, but it is holding an important role. The lists depend on it.

  • What is On Group Lists System?

This Group Lists is the most critical part on managing or making your diabetic food list. In a large area, this will consist of some big group needed by your body. For example, Group Lists will consist of carbohydrate group and meat and meat substitute group. These two group will lead your right away in categorizing the most important foods you will need. It has to be added with fat group, too, because you are going to need fat in a proper portion. However, this Group Lists is not stopping there. There should be details ornamenting it, making you able to divide the ingredients again.

  • What are On Carbohydrate Group System?

As you have acknowledged before, Group Lists are divided into about two to three lists. One of them is Carbohydrate Group. In this group, you have to lists important foods that are categorized as carbohydrate source. Let’s try to name it. In this group, you will need starch, fruit, milk; and all of them either in fat-free or in reduced fat. You will also need whole sweets, dessert, and other carbohydrates; and all will be measured in perfect portion too, following your doctors’ prescription. The last one, you will need vegetables, too on this group.

  • What are in Meat and Meat Substitute Group System?

In this Meat and Meat Substitute Group, the system is pretty simple. You will categorize all the meat you are going to need into four major kinds. First, there will be a category for very lean meat. Second, there will be a category for lean meat. Next, there will be a category for medium fat. The last one, there will be a category for high-fat. In maintaining all the group of meet over here, you need to be careful on everything you want. Make sure that everything has been under control since the first time you have it. Do not let your desire win. Your body will thank you later.

  • What about Portion Category System?

After knowing and acknowledging all categories above, it is time for you to know that every diet plan you do has its own grams. In other words, you are going to need some very details information on this. You always have to refer to your doctor. They are the one that knows what kind or type of diabetes you have and what you should eat for that. Thus, having details on the grams is very crucial. Make lists for each grams for carbohydrate, protein, fat, and calories next to the Group Lists that you have made before. The grams will be a guidance for every Group Lists food you have written down.

In making a food list for your diabetic meal plan, this is probably one of the most important part. Before making one that consists of your needs, make sure you have already made the lists tidy. It will be very helpful for future days if you want to redo it. It is also be very helpful someday when you want to make a track record on how far you have come so far in order to fix and to cure your diabetes. In other words, making it tidy is number two next to its contents. When you have a tidy list, you have given yourself a credit for doing what you like. Maybe a little decoration for this diabetic food list system?