Do and Dont’s of Diabetic Food List Type 2 that You Should Know

Diabetic food list Type 2There are many ways to treat each type of diabetes, one of which is to determine the diabetic food list type 2 and type 1. Diabetes itself is a long-term disease which shown by a very high blood sugar levels. Diabetes has 2 major types, namely diabetes type 1 and type 2. The most common type is diabetes type 2. There are around 80% of Indonesian people suffer this type of diabetes disease. Diabetes type 2 or diabetes mellitus is a medical condition which shown by insufficient or lack of insulin. Insulin is a hormone that regulates the uptake of glucose, a fundamental energy source for the body. The cells in human body need energy from glucose (sugar) to run properly. If the body lacks of insulin or resist the insulin in the body’s cells, the levels of glucose in the blood will surge significantly. This case may trigger and cause diabetes mellitus. The causes of symptoms are such as an increase level of urination and thirst, weight loss and fatigue.

Type 2 diabetes is often found in people who are overweight because of the high fat content, especially in the abdominal area, which is known to cause the body becomes resistant to the effects of insulin. Thus, although there is insulin, the body is unable to response to the insulin in a proper way. Unlike type 1 diabetes which can be controlled by insulin injection into the body on a regular basis, people who suffer diabetes type 2 do not usually require insulin injections but they need to lose weight in order to cure the insulin resistance. Changes in lifestyle such as quit from smoking, avoid eating too many sugary foods, maintain a healthy diet and avoid drinking alcohol are very important to treat and control diabetes type 2. If the diabetes is not controlled, it may cause life-threatening complications such as heart attack, coronary heart disease and stroke. This type of diabetes usually affects people above the age of 40 years old. However, the current trend of patients’s age is now getting even younger. Diabetes type 2 is also more often occurred by Asian ethnicity than other races. Below are some further descriptions on how to treat diabetes type 2 including recommended foods and forbidden food to consume for people with diabetes type 2:

1. How to treat diabetes type 2?

Although diabetes diseases can not be cured, early diagnosis is very important so that the diabetes can be addressed. Early detection allows the survivors to control the blood sugar levels. However, this type of diabetes is a progressive disease. Thus, people with diabetes type 2 will commonly require special medications n in order to keep the blood sugar level in a steady condition. The treatment process generally begins with the drugs in a form of capsules which then can be followed by an injection therapy, such as insulin. The goal of the diabetes type 2 treatment is not only to control the blood sugar level but also to avoid complication by controlling the symptoms. Changing in lifestyle can also control the symptoms of diabetes type 2, for example by implementing consumption of diabetic food list type 2.

2. What is Diabetic food list type 2?

Below list shows you the lists of foods that are recommended for people with diabetes type 2

  • Use spices for seasoning

Using natural products rather than other food flavorings as the ingredients is a great way to control the blood sugar level. A study of phytochemicals and journal of nutrition and food science reveal that spices ingredients can improve the insulin activity and present more natural way to prevent and treat diabetes type 2.

  • Choose foods that contain more complex carbohydrates

Keeping blood sugar levels to remain stable is a main priority for people with diabetes. Thus, complex carbohydrates are the best source of energy rather than simple carbohydrates that significantly boost the blood stream and cause serious problems.

  • Consume protein

Protein plays an important role in controlling body’s weight. A study shows that increasing protein intake can reduce the weight faster than restricting the carbohydrate intake.

  • Increase consumption of fiber

A study shows that people who consume more fiber is likely able to control the blood glucose than those who consume less. Fiber can also help you to manager your appetite and keep the calories in a steady condition. The food sources to get high fiber nutrients are fruits and vegetables.

3. Are there any other suggestions for people with diabetes type 2?

Yes, there are many suggestions that can be done. People with diabetes type 2 should carefully maintain their health. By monitoring their health, the treatment process can be done more smoothly as well as to minimize the risk of complications. The following steps can also be helpful for the survivors:

  • Do exercise in a regular basis
  • Limiting the consumption of alcohol drinks
  • Pay attention to the avoided foods for diabetes type 3

4. What are the foods should be avoided for people with diabetes type 2?

According to an American diabetes association, people with diabetes type 2 can enjoy any meal. However, there are some kinds of food should be avoided including

  • Alcohol drinks

People with diabetes type 2 should avoid drinking alcohol. A study suggests that alcohol consumption may reduce the risk of heart disease in a diabetic patient. But consuming too much alcohol can adversely affect the blood sugar and even damage the heart.

  • Fat

You can also reduce the consumption of fat and calories by cooking without oil or butter. Pay attention to the portion sizes and avoid snacks as well as high calories desserts. People with diabetes type 2 should completely avoid saturated fat because it can lead to heart attack, cholesterol and stroke.

Those are some important do and dont’s of diabetic food list type 2 that are good to consume and should be avoided for people with diabetes type 2.

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