Early symptoms of sugar diabetes you need to know

symptoms of sugar diabetes in adults Many people have contracted diabetes, especially diabetes type 2, but seem to be unaware of their status. This is because the symptoms of sugar diabetes seem harmless and are hard to notice. As the time goes by, however, the complications of diabetes may occur even if you have not had any symptoms of diabetes. To prevent this, you should be able to identify the early symptoms to enable you to get earlier treatment. The earlier diabetes is diagnosed, the greater the chances to avoid complications. Here are some symptoms of diabetes that you need to know.

Excessive thirst and increased urination

When the level of your blood sugar is constantly high, kidneys are working hard to get rid of that excess amount to let the body function properly. In order to maintain the level of blood sugar stay in the normal level, kidneys then produce more urine causing you to urinate more often than normal. Therefore, increased urination is known as one of the symptoms of sugar diabetes. Meanwhile, the more you urinate, the more you need to replenish the lost fluids. This makes you feel easily thirsty because your body feels the need to keep hydrated. However, the cycle continues because when you drink more, the urge to relieve yourself will also increase.


Fatigue may occur due to different factors. The first factor is because your body is less hydrated due to the frequent urination that you experience. Another factor is because your body does not get adequate amount of energy that is created from burning glucose in the cells. Therefore, you will somehow experience extreme tiredness even when you do not do many activities.

Weight loss

Rapid weight loss can also be one of the symptoms of sugar diabetes. Frequent urination causes you to lose much sugar and calories. Besides, your body also fails to create energy from glucose, which then forces it break down the protein in the muscle. This process may cause you to lose weight within a couple of weeks. If this rapid weight loss condition persists, you should contact your doctor. In addition to weight loss, your body will also experience excessive hunger because it feels the needs of getting more and more energy to function, making you crave for more and more food to fulfill the needs of energy and calorie for your body.

Blurred vision

High level of blood sugar can pull the fluid from the lenses of your eyes can affect your ability to focus. When you do not treat it immediately, diabetes can cause the formation of new blood vessels in retina and damage the existing vessels. Overtime, this may lead to vision loss and blindness.

Slow-healing infections

People with diabetes tend to have infections that cannot heal quickly. It may be caused by the damaged nerves due to the high level of blood sugar, which makes the healing process and the ability to fight infections decrease significantly. However, more in-depth research about this matter is still needed to give more thorough information. In women, the common infections to occur are bladder and vaginal infections.

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