These are the foods you should put into your diabetic food list

fruit and vegetablesFor people who are struggling with their diabetes, it is advisable for them to avoid some particular foods while add more amount of some particular recommended food. If you have someone who have diabetes, or if you are, in fact, the person with diabetes, this list of food that you have to avoid and take for your diabetic diet might be very useful for you.

Starches for your daily dose of carbohydrate

Your body needs certain amount of carb to function, but taking too much carb will make your diabetes becomes much worse. Therefore, we have recommended some of the kinds of carbs that your body needs and some of those that should be avoided at all cost for your diabetic food list. Now, let us start with the recommended types of carbs that you should consume.

Take some whole grains such as brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, millet or even amaranth. If you do not like to eat grains, some other carb-rich items such as baked sweet potatoes and other processed foods created with whole grains and less sugar will be a nice source of carb for your body.

However, you should never consume processed grain such as white rice or white flour as it will worsen your diabetes condition. In addition, cereals with much amount of sugar, white bread, and your most favorite French fries will be a no-go for your diabetic food list.

Vegetables are nice but not all vegetables will be good for your diabetes diet

The way you eat your veggies will also be a consideration when putting food into your diabetic food list. The best vegetables that can be consume for your diet are those that are eaten raw or lightly steamed, roasted, or, if you like it, grilled using a minimalistic amount of spices and salt. In addition, you can also eat some plain frozen vegetables as well. Though it will not worsen your diabetes condition, iceberg lettuce should not be consumed too much because it is very low in nutrients. However, good amount of low sodium and unsalted canned vegetables will be a nice addition to your diabetic food list.

The worst choice for your diabetic food list will be those vegetables that contain too much sodium, especially if they are canned. The amount of sodium inside those canned vegetables will only make your diabetes worse when consumed too much. In addition, if you plan to add some butter or cheese, or even sauce, you should reconsider not doing that because it is not good for your body.

Best and worst choice of fruit

Just like vegetables, there are recommended fruits and fruits that you should not eat. For example, you are encourage to take as much as fresh fruits, especially those grown without using any pesticide. However, you should never think twice when avoiding eating canned fruits with a lot of sugar syrup from your nearest supermarket. Are you ready to fight your diabetes with diabetic food list that we have shared to you? I am sure you are!