What are the gonorrhea symptoms women?

GonorrheaIf you are a sexually active person, then you have to be very careful when you are looking for a partner for one night stand because there are so many kinds of sexually transmitted diseases or STD and sexually transmitted infections that are lurking waiting for their next victim. Now, among teenagers and adolescent, gonorrhea is one of the most common STD that can be easily found in men or women. The gonorrhea symptoms women are similar to those in men, in a way that they can be found in some places in their body such as in their genitals, rectum, and throat.

Gonorrhea symptoms women

The symptoms for gonorrhea in women are similar to those in men, but since the majority of people who get infected by gonorrhea are women, we are going to give some of the most common symptoms in women first. As the bacteria spread and attack the body of the host, greenish yellow or sometimes white discharge emitted by the vagina. In addition to that, gonorrhea symptoms women also show some low pain in their abdominal part of their body.

Additionally, when urinating, women with gonorrhea will experience some burning sensation in the area around the genital or even inside their vagina. Also, when developing inside the host body, the disease will create conjunctivitis or red and itchy eyes. For those who are contracted this disease during oral sex, the bacteria will spread inside the throat and making some burning sensation in the throat. Additionally, swollen glands also usually may occur in the throat when contracted to gonorrhea during oral sex.

However, some or even all of these mentioned symptoms are rarely visible in women. It can take months for the symptoms to appear.

Gonorrhea symptoms men

There are some similarity that one can see between the gonorrhea symptoms women and those in men. For example, if women have some vaginal discharge from their vagina, men will have penile discharge. It also may come in the color of greenish yellow or whitish color. Men also feel the burning sensation when taking pee. For those who get contracted to the disease when having oral sex, they also feel the burning sensation in their throat. Additionally, swollen glands also occurs in the throat of those who get contracted to the disease during oral sex.

Instead of having abdominal pain, like women do, men with gonorrhea will have some painful or even swollen testicles. However, different from the gonorrhea symptoms women, the symptoms in men are more visible and they are developing faster.

What do you do after you have gonorrhea

Once the doctor diagnoses you with gonorrhea, or after you find yourself having some gonorrhea symptoms women, there are several things that you need to do. The most important thing will be telling anyone that you have had sex with recently that you are infected with that disease. This step is very important not only to yourself, but also to your sex partners because it will rise their awareness about this disease.

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