Healthy and Delicious Diabetic Food List for Breakfast

diabetic BreakfastDiabetic food list for breakfast is very important for diabetic patients. Living with diabetes is not easy, especially when it comes to choosing the right food. You have to carefully watch what you eat but it doesn’t mean that you must leave all the delicious foods behind. There are many healthy and delicious foods out there and as long as you cook them by yourself, those foods are perfectly safe for your blood sugar level. Breakfast is the most important meal in a day so you should pay more attention to it. Here are some must have food for diabetes and how you can turn it into mouth-watering breakfast meals.


Quinoa is a super healthy whole grain and it is a rich source of protein. If you need protein, quinoa is the best you can eat because it contains amino acids. Amino acids are substances that can’t be produced by our own body so we need to get it from another source. Quinoa is a whole grain food so it contains high fiber that will increase satiety. Quinoa is perfect company for salad. Simply add cucumber, chopped broccoli, grape tomatoes and Dijon mustard and your delicious quinoa salad is ready to serve.

Whole Grain Toast

If you rarely have time to prepare breakfast, make sure a simple bread toast make it to your diabetic food list for breakfast. To accompany the whole grain toast, peanut butter is the best choice because it doesn’t contain too much sugar or sodium. If you think two slices of toast can’t make you full, you can add some slices of banana over the toast. Banana provides carbohydrates and adequate amount of sugar that will make your breakfast more delicious.


Yogurt is delicious, healthy and it is a perfect food for diabetic patients. Yogurt contains high vitamin D which can help with insulin production in our body. It also contains plenty of good bacteria that can help with your metabolism and digestive system. However, you can’t just pick any yoghurt. Since you are dealing with diabetes, it must be low fat and sugar free. To be safe, just use plain yoghurt or Greek yoghurt. You can mix the yogurt with your cereal or use it as salad dressing.


You definitely must include oatmeal diabetic food list for breakfast. Oatmeal is very easy and very fast to make so it is a perfect breakfast food. Oatmeal makes you full very fast because it contains high level of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber can help slowing down the rise of blood sugar level so it is definitely a super food for diabetes. Sweet oatmeal is always delicious but you know you can’t consume too much sugar. To solve this problem, you can simply add some raspberry to your oatmeal. Raspberries are sweet and delicious. But most importantly, it contains ellagic acid that can help lowering blood sugar level.

Fruit Shake

You don’t always have to eat your breakfast. To create some variety, you should try drinking your breakfast. Fruits are good for your health and some are really beneficial for diabetes. You can try to make a fruit shake with blueberry, apple and cranberry. All three of them contain anti-oxidant and fiber so they will make a satisfying breakfast and you will be full for a long time. These fruits are naturally sweet so you can consume something delicious without having to add extra sugar. Studies also have shown that apple, cranberry and blueberry can lower the risk of developing diabetes type 2.


If you can’t get through a day without a cup of tea or coffee, instead of sugar, you should add cinnamon on it. Cinnamon contains chromium that can elevate the effect of insulin in our body. That’s why cinnamon is really beneficial for diabetic patients. It can reduce blood sugar level up to 20 percent and it is also useful to lower cholesterol level. With cinnamon, you can safely drink your favorite tea and coffee for breakfast.

Breakfast Tips for Diabetic Patients

Diabetic food list for breakfast will be very helpful to create some variety in your menu. But the most important thing of all is to stick with the plan. Don’t include any food that will taint and spoil your hard work. Unfortunately, unhealthy foods are everywhere. And sometimes you have no idea you have consumed those foods until you check yourself and find that your blood sugar level is increasing. To make sure that your blood sugar level is under control, here are some breakfast tips to help you.

1. Whole Grain as Main Source for Carbohydrates

Having diabetes means you have to watch the amount of carbohydrates you consume. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot eat carbohydrate at all. Carbohydrate is a good source of energy so your body will still need it. Just make sure that you only choose whole grain. It contains a lot of fiber that will make you feel full without messing with your blood sugar level.

2. Avoid Canned Fruit and Vegetables

As you can read above, there are many fruits and vegetables being mentioned on the list. Fruits and vegetables are good for diabetic patients as long as they are fresh. You must avoid pre-processed or canned fruits and vegetables at all cost. Canned fruits contain so much sugar while the vegetables are added by high level of sodium. And we all know that too much sugar and sodium can be fatal for diabetic patients.

3. Use Olive Oil to Cook

When you have diabetes, you also need to cut your fat intake. That’s why cooking oil is a big no no. you can use cooking sprays or non-stick frying pans when you are cooking to avoid oil. But sometimes, oil is necessary to pan fry salmon, egg and other protein. When you need oil to cook, make sure you only use olive oil. Olive oil is monounsaturated oil that can protect your cells and make you feel full faster so it will make a perfect addition in your diabetic food list for breakfast.

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