Healthy During Pregnancy with Gestational Diabetes Diet Recipe

Gestational diabetes diet recipeGestational diabetes diet recipe become important topic for woman who have diabetes during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is happened when levels of high blood glucose (sugar) are found during pregnancy. It is a temporary form of diabetes and commonly ended after the baby is born. Gestational diabetes occurs when the hormones made by the placenta during pregnancy stop insulin from working properly. Insulin is a hormone that allows glucose to pass from the blood into the body’s cells where it can be used for energy. If insulin is not working properly, then blood glucose will rise. How to solve this disease? A woman who suffers this diabetes must try to do a diet because that is the way to solve the problem.

Why gestational diabetes diet is important?

During pregnancy, there are so much nutrition should be eaten by woman, not only a woman who is pregnant, but nutrition also needed by the baby in her womb. By doing a diet, nutrition of woman and her baby will be fulfilled, and also the glucose in the blood will be controlled. As we know that a woman with gestational diabetes should keep their blood glucose in order to keep their health. Gestational diabetes can be solved by doing gestational diabetes diet recipe, but many women don’t know about the diet, the portion of diet, and also what should do if they do gestational diabetes diet recipe. In the following, will be explained about it.

What are the foods should be consumed by woman who has gestational diabetes?

1. Carbohydrate

Carbohydrate is divided into two kinds; those are complex carbohydrate (good carbohydrate) and simple carbohydrate. The examples of food that contains good carbohydrate are oat bread, rice, and pasta.

2. Food with low GI

The Glycemic Index (GI) of a food tells you how quickly and how high your blood glucose levels rise after eating that food.  Foods with a low GI produce a slower, lower rise in blood glucose levels. Whereas foods with a high GI produce a fast, high rise in blood glucose levels. Food with low GI is good to keep and control gestational diabetes. The foods are also contains high fiber which are important for healthy diet. The examples of food with low GI are sweet corn, bean, apple, pea, orange and pasta which are made with durum wheat flour.

3. Food with high fiber

Food with high fiber is needed because contain low GI. In the case, it means that you should consumed fresh fruit and vegetable. Every day, at least you should consume fruit and vegetable 4-5 portion.

Those are the kinds of food which should be consumed in gestational diabetes diet recipe, but maybe you are confuse with the portion of food or carbohydrate should be consumed every day. The health expert said that you should eat 6 times every day, which is divided into 3 times for eating main meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner, and 3 times for consuming the snack. The number of carbohydrate can be consumed every day is 2–3 carbohydrate serves at each main meal (approx. 30–45 grams), 1–2 carbohydrate serves at each snack (approx. 15–30 grams), 1 serve = approximately 15 grams of carbohydrate.

The example of meals plan for gestational diabetes diet recipe

According to health experts, the number for carbohydrate should be 30-45 grams when doing meals, and 15-30 grams when eating snack. It means that you should eat three meals and three snacks every day. So, this is the example of gestational diabetes diet recipe:

Breakfast (06.00 am-07.00 am)

3/4 cup hot cereal = 15 gram carbohydrate
1 cup of milk = 12 gram carbohydrate
1/2 cup of berries = 7 gram carbohydrate
Total of Carbohydrates = 34 gram

Morning Snack (09.00 am-10.00 am)

1 oz. pretzels = 15 gram carbohydrate
1 oz. nuts = 0 carbohydrate
Total of Carbohydrates = 15 gram

Lunch (12.00 pm-01.00 pm)

4 oz. fish or grilled = 0 carbohydrate
1/3 cup wheat pasta = 15 gram carbohydrate
1 cup of salad = 5 gram carbohydrate
1/2 cup green vegetables which has been cooked = 5 gram carbohydrate
1 cup cut-up melon = 15 gram carbohydrate
Vinegar and oil for salad = 0 carbohydrate
Total of Carbohydrates: 40 gram

Afternoon snack (03.00 pm-04.00 pm)

6 oz. yogurt = 12 gram carbohydrate
1/2 small banana = 7 gram carbohydrate
Total of Carbohydrate = 19 gram

Dinner (06.00 pm-07.00 pm)

4 oz. tofu or fish = 0 carbohydrate
2/3 cup brown rice which has been cooked = 30 gram carbohydrate
1/2 cup green beans which has bee cooked = 5 gram carbohydrate
oil = 0 carbohydrate
1 fresh peach fruit = 15 gram carbohydrate
Total of Carbohydrates = 50 gram

Night snack (08.00 pm)

1/4 cup hummus = 0 carbohydrate
1 oz. baked pita chips = 15 gram carbohydrate
Total Carbohydrates = 15 gram

The meals plan above can be tried by you when doing gestational diabetes diet recipe, but if you still confuse to choose the good meals for you, you can consult it before with your doctor. And then beside the recipe, those are some food which should be avoided when doing gestational diabetes diet recipe.

What are the foods should be avoided when doing gestational diabetes diet recipe?

  1. Food with simple glucose; granulated sugar, syrup, jam, jelly, marmalade, soft drink, ice cream, sweet cake and full cream milk.
  2. Food with high GI: white rice, bread, baked potato and cornflakes.
  3. Food with high fat; cake, fast food and fried food.
  4. Food with high natrium; salted biscuit, salted fish, salted egg and canned food.
  5. Some fruits; watermelon, sweet mango, sapodilla, pineapple, jackfruit and durian fruit.

The most important point when doing gestational diabetes diet recipe is good nutrition for gestational diabetes includes the same foods as with any pregnancy. Be careful with the carbohydrate foods intake. It is also included the amount of food that you eat. Make sure you consume carbohydrate foods regularly all through the day as well as don’t skip meals. Avoid foods that contain high sugar level and the food with low Glycemic Index. Choosing more foods with a low GI may be able to help you to control your blood sugar levels. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any high-GI foods. Mixing high-GI foods with low-GI foods can lower the rate at which glucose is released into your bloodstream. And, regular physical activity is helpful in controlling blood glucose. Try the tips above to achieve the goal of gestational diabetes diet recipe—healing from that disease. You will get the healthy during pregnancy if you try to do gestational diabetes diet recipe.

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