Kinds Of Skin Cancer Cure

As we know, cancer is one of the most dangerous disease types in this day. Cancerous cell is dangerous because it can spread to other location in human body if the cell is not found early. One of the cancer types is called skin cancer. The skin cancer cure is just like other types. It will be easy to cure when the cell is found more early so the treatment will get successfully. The cell of the cancerous can be easy to remove and also difficult if get bigger.

What to do to see the cancer sign

Sometimes skin cancer cannot be identified because it just get different like itch because the bite of mosquito. Or it can be like birth mark. So some people do not know that it is skin cancer sign. People should be careful for some sign in their skin. They need to pay attention for the unusual sign in their body skin. They also can do checkup their all skin to know if there is no cancerous cell on their body. It is important to keep the health of the skin.

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What sign should be paid attention with the skin is like the change of the skin color. The change might be not usual then people should be careful and check it to the doctor. Other change in the skin which is need paid attention is the color of the skin and the spot size. Sometimes, people’s skin also gets development like birth mark. It should be paid attention too because it can be cancer sign. Knowing the change of the skin is important since skin cancer can get bigger and really dangerous for people. So before it is not get bigger yet, careful will be important.

Skin cancer diagnose

Since the cell of cancerous has been found in patient’s skin, there will diagnose for it. There will be several diagnoses which the doctors say about the skin cancer. The diagnose will depend on the how the result of the biopsy and physical examination. The biopsy which will give the diagnosed about the skin cancer usually is done by removing the part of the spot and send it to the dermatologist. It will one of the quick diagnose which will take some times for about a week. After the diagnosed, the patients can continue to the treatment depending on the diagnosed of the disease itself.

Treatment of the skin cancer

There are many treatments can be done for skin cancer disease. Usually, the doctors will give the patients suggestion about what treatment they need to do for the disease. Because the treatment have different ways in treating the patients, it also usually will depend on the how serious the condition of the skin because of the cancerous cell. The age and the general health of the patients also will become one of the considerations in choosing the treatment. The patient also can request what treatment they want get if it is fine with the disease they have.

The type of the cancer and how big it has on the skin also will make the choice treatment done. Doctors also need to ensure that the cancerous cell has been spread on the other body part or no. it will become serious if the cancerous cell has spread out. Anyway, there are several kinds of treatments which patients can get from the diagnosed. Those are surgery, freezing, immunotherapy, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. Those treatment will be effective if done with the classify of the disease.


One of skin cancer cure is surgery. Most doctors will suggest surgical excision to remove the cancerous cell in the patient’s skin. Many people believe that this treatment is the most effective way in treating the skin cancer patients. It is of course because the surgery will automatically remove the cell of the cancerous form the skin. The patients do not need to worry about how the cell of the cancerous will treat. Because, by this treatment doctors will ensure that the cancer get lost from the patients skin. It is effective also because doctors can remove the cell from the basal.


Other than surgery, there is also treatment which can be called freezing for skin cancer. It is usually done by dermatologist to help patients to get rid the skin cancer. This kind of treatment is done by freeze the skin cancer which is still small like basal cell. After the freeze, the patients still need to get the follow-up for the treatment in order to make sure that the treatment will get successful. But then, this treatment only can be done for the small cell. For the melanoma, this treatment will not get successful because it is too big to get rid the cell with only by freezing.


Furthermore, other treatment which will cure the skin cancer well is by doing immunotherapy. This treatment will help doctors much in order to cure the patients from the disease. One of the different thing of this treatment than other treatment is about the immune system using. The immune system of the patient will be used to fight the cancerous cell. The dermatologist will help patient in directing a cream which will be used to apply in patient’s skin. It is usually takes some times till the skin get better and the cell of the cancerous get lost.

Radiant therapy

Other treatments to cure the skin cancer can be called radiant therapy. This therapy is usually suggested by the doctors to patient who has a large skin cancer disease in their skin. This therapy is needed in order to destroy the cell of the cancer. Only adult patient can do this therapy because it is usually have to be done because the cell is difficult to be removed by doing the surgery. So that, this is the treatment for large cancerous cell. Doctors will do the exposure to radiation in several times to make the cancer really get lost.


The next treatment for skin cancer cure is called chemotherapy. This treatment will be used if the cell of the cancerous has spread on beyond the skin of the patients or on the other body parts. It gets more dangerous if the cell of the cancerous has spread beyond the skin because it has possibility to attack the heart, lymph, or kidney. So that, the only treatment should be done after surgery is by doing chemotherapy. The chemotherapy is done by giving the patients medicine. The patients can swallow the medicine or doctors can shot or inject to the patients. Other way also can be done by giving the infuse.