Lowering Blood Sugar in Effective Ways

Diabetic blood sugar levels

It is very sad that people who develop diabetes can no longer eat everything they want. But, let’s focus on the solution instead of thinking too much about how the disease can affect your health.

There are many ways to cope with high blood sugar levels or the so-called hyperglycemia. Lowering blood sugar can be done through healthy diet, exercise, taking medicines and additional supplements. Here are some tips in lowering blood sugar levels that you can try.

Mind What You Eat

By lowering blood sugar, you need to start paying attention to the substances of foods. It means that you can only eat food that contains less carbohydrate, less fat, and more fiber. People who are diagnosed with pre-diabetes should really take care about their diet. Cinnamon has been blood one of the natural alternatives that is believed to lower blood sugar levels.

Besides, it can also reduce bad cholesterol and raise the good ones. There are several kinds of cinnamon that will also give different impact towards the body. To help lowering blood sugar, ceylon cinnamon is the best option. However, it is not recommended to consume too much cinnamon.

The second option is garlic. It can lower cholesterol levels and also blood sugar. It is due to the fact that the extracts of garlic increase insulin for diabetes patients. The brother of garlic, onions, can also give possitive impacts for blood sugar. The third one is food that contains good fats such as avocado, nuts, and olives.

The important components that the body need for high blood sugar issues are called monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). These components can stabilize blood glucose and lower the resistance of insulin; making the cells able to use insulin properly. Other fruits that can be your menu are blueberries and cherries. They are believed to be able to improve the resistance of insulin and minimize inflammation.

Work Your Body Out

Changing the way you eat should be balanced with regular exercise. The recommendation from American Heart Association (AHA) states that both pre-diabetes and diabetes patients need to at least work out for 30 minutes per day, five days in a week.

It does not need to be a heavy kind of working out. You can start by walking, bike riding, and swimming. If it is possible to purchase some elliptical machines, then you can exercise regularly at home. It is important to control your blood glucose pre and post exercising in order to find out the effectiveness of exercising.

However, you may not exercise if your blood sugar level is above 300 mg/dL. It is due to the fact that such high blood levels can produce ketones within your body. Ketone is acid produced by the body when the body burns fat for energy instead of sugar. You can check the existence of ketones from your urine.

Working out and managing diet can be solutions for diabetes patients. However, to avoid the complication level, it is important to consult the health condition to the doctor. You might get medical treatment such as insulin injections and taking some medications.

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