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Cure for Aids and hiv

There are many experiments and studies conducted to find cure for aids. After all, there isn’t any information about a treatment, pills or any medical things that can cure this virus. AIDS is very difficult to cure is due to its capabilities to hide into the patient’s body. In the early stage, the virus will infect cells in the immune system called CD4+ T Cells and then it will pretend to be infected cell. Another reason is that the virus can mutate in a normal way so we need more than one type of cure for this disease. The newest research concerning the second stage of their trial seems promising in terms of HIV and AIDS cure front.

The Latest News of Cure for AIDS

There are some alternatives of cure for aids that were founded by researchers which one of them is using antiretroviral therapies. These therapies could slow down the progress of the disease but unfortunately the medicine for this method is very expensive and it is dangerous in the long run. The scientists all around the world have been looking for a vaccine to defeat the disease and they utilize an innovative vaccine which is based on GP41, a protein that is found in the virus itself. The GP41 was chosen since it is placed on the surface of the virus so it can be seen by the immune system. Moreover, GP41 also plays an important role in the virus’s cell-entry mechanism.

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Today, there are over 40 versions of GP41 that were created and screened to maximize the immune response. The scientists now are testing this protein to human and a candidate was tested in the UK. Dr. Lewis said that if you give a vaccine in the nose it will stimulate a good response in the genial tract. Due to that reason, the innovative concept is starting to give the vaccine into the nose with three doses. Those doses will prepare the body for a good response in the genital tract in order to block the infection with antibodies.

A New Technique to Scan HIV

There is a new technique developed to scan where HIV hides in the person’s body. As one of technological advancement in the medical fields, it will help curing and eradicating AIDS. One of the reasons why HIV is very difficult to cure is because even by using the drug treatments the virus can simply mutates and transfers somewhere else in the body. The drug maybe can remove the virus from the blood but it cannot remove it from the body. This new technique will help the scientists in finding more detail and precise cure against HIV.

Scientists believe that HIV simply hides in a patient’s immune cells to replicate or become dormant. They think that by waking the virus up and kill it is one way to cure HIV. Although the research is still in progress it seems promising. The scientists are still figuring out how to find the precise location of the virus. Some scientists are wondering whether they can find the virus using PET scanning like how to find cancer in the body.

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