Options for treatment of cervical cancer available for women

Treatment of cervical cancer by stageSince there has been advancement in the treatment and medication for cervical cancer, women who have developed this cancer can have higher possibility to survive the cancer for many years. There are basically several options of treatment of cervical cancer available to choose based on the size of the cancer or the cancer stage that is going to be treated. The treatment options vary from taking the surgery, getting radiation therapy, doing chemotherapy, or picking the combination of the previously mentioned treatments. Let us examine what procedures are available for each treatment.


Surgery is a treatment of cervical cancer that can be taken for women with stage 1 or stage 2 cervical cancers. Surgery is aimed at removing the cancer cells and the influenced tissue from the body. This is clean the body from the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. There are some kinds of surgery for cervical cancer patients. You can discuss with your doctors about which treatment is suitable for your condition. If you still want to be able to pregnant even after the surgery, you can take radical trachelectomy in which some parts other than the cervix are also removed including the pelvic lymph nodes, and part of the vagina in order to clean out the tumor. This is suitable for early stage of cervical cancer. On the other hand, complete hysterectomy where both the cervix and the womb are removed. This way, there is no chance to get pregnant after the surgery takes place.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is also available for women who have cervical cancer which is still at the early development stage. As the name suggests, this treatment makes use of high-energy radiation to help kill the abnormal cells because they do not die naturally. There are basically two kinds of radiation therapy to choose as the treatment of cervical cancer. The first is external radiation therapy in which a large machine is used to emanate radiation at your body where the cancer has grown. Meanwhile, the second type is internal radiation therapy. Different from the previous one, internal radiation therapy uses a narrow cylinder or wire that has radioactive substance sealed into it. This particular wire or cylinder is then inserted through the vagina to directly reach or to get near the cancer cells. Radiation therapy may be a painless choice of treatment but it may have some side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and problems in urinating.


In chemotherapy, you are required to take drugs to help kill the cancer cells. Commonly it is combined with radiation therapy for the medication of cancer of the cervix. However, if the cancer has reached some distant organs, you can use chemotherapy only as the treatment of cervical cancer. There are two types of drugs that should be taken. The first is intravenously drugs that are injected directly to the vein and the second is drugs that are consumed through mouth. Some side effects may occur after taking the chemotherapy such as lower healthy blood level, hair loss, and poor appetite. These are caused by the drugs that are constantly given and consumed since it apparently influences both the fast-growing cancer and the normal rapid-dividing cells.

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