Prostate Cancer Risk Factors: Unchangeable and Changeable

PROSTATE CANCER RISK FACTORS Some of you might think that every disease has its own causes, while it should not be that easy to find. This also happens to prostate cancer risk factors. Not a single thing of the factors is surely described as the cause of the cancer. Yet, they are still worth your attention so that you could do, even if it is too little, in order to avoid the disease.

Prostate cancer risk factors are basically divided in to two big types, which are changeable and unchangeable factors.


1. Age

Basically, older men are more vulnerable to prostate cancer which are specifically those who are over 65 years old. Yet, men between the ages of 40 to 59 also get the risk of having prostate cancer though it is relatively lower than those over 65 years old.

2. Race/ Ethnicity

Has it ever crossed your mind that even your racial background may influence you having particular disease? In prostate cancer case, African-American men are the most vulnerable race to have a prostate cancer, compared to other races. They are considered to have more than twice risk of dying because of prostate cancer than white men. On the other hand, Asian men are likely to have to lowest risk of suffering prostate cancer.

3. Family history

Prostate cancer can possibly be inherited through blood relation. A man is twice as likely to have prostate cancer if his father or brother got the same disease, even it may goes higher if the brother who is affected. In some cases, the risk of inheriting prostate cancer can be affected by the age when the disease is diagnosed. If the person’s relative who suffers the disease get diagnosed in early age, the risk of that person having the disease is higher.

4. Geography

Even where you stay for a long time may determine your risk of suffering this cancer. Those men living in the North America, northwestern Europe, Australia and Caribbean Islands have more risk to be affected by the disease. In the US only, the risk reaches to 17%. On the other hand, men in Asia, Africa, and South America have lower risk.


The majority of these risk factors are those things related to your lifestyle, so you might want to be more aware of what you do, eat and drink as a matter of prevention from the disease.

1. Diet

Though it is not quite certain, but it is considered that red meat and dairy products which have high fat may get a man higher risk of having the disease. Even if the man do not have balance proportion of fruits and vegetables in his diet.

2. Obesity

Obesity might lead to several serious diseases, and one of them is prostate cancer. Though it is still not clearly explained of how obesity affects prostate cancer, but some studies reveals that obese men are more vulnerable to aggressive prostate cancer.