Ribbons for Cancer and Other Diseases Awareness Symbols

People surely have very great awareness about various kinds of health conditions which can endanger life. Health must be the most important thing in people’s life but there are still many people who do not really care about the danger which can be brought by certain health condition and disease. For example, there are still many people who are careless about the danger of cancer although it becomes killer for many patients. That is why it is necessary for increasing the awareness of people about the diseases and health conditions. For increasing awareness of people about cancer for instance, people can see the cancer symbol. The symbol of cancer comes in ribbon form with various colors for different cancer type. Nevertheless, people can also find the awareness ribbon with certain color which is associated with other health condition awareness. It is better for people to know more about the color of awareness ribbon so they can really understand its meaning when they see it anywhere.

Pink Ribbon

Pink RibbonFrom so many kinds of awareness ribbon which can be found, people maybe are pretty familiar with the pink ribbon. It is pink so people maybe will associate this ribbon to women. In fact, this awareness ribbon is associated with the awareness of breast cancer. Although it becomes the common association of pink awareness ribbon, it is used for more than just the awareness of breast cancer. In fact, the pink ribbon is also used as the symbol for birth parents respect as well as the awareness of childhood cancer.

Yellow Ribbon

Yellow RibbonWhen people see the yellow ribbon symbol, maybe they will have question about the meaning behind this symbol. The common meaning of this symbol is for supporting the troops as well as giving us the hope. Just like the pink ribbon, yellow ribbon also has other meanings. It symbolizes the prisoner of war missing in action or POW/MIA. There are still other events which will be symbolized by yellow war including the adoptive parents as well as suicide prevention. As for the cancer symbol, yellow ribbon becomes the symbol of awareness to the bone cancer. If people find the yellow ribbon which is added with a heart, it is used for representing the survivors who are left behind after the suicide.

Red Ribbon

Red RibbonPeople will not feel strange at all to red ribbon because it is seen pretty often. It becomes the symbol of support for people who are fighting against HIV/AIDS. People can make sure that HIV/AIDS becomes one of the most suffering health conditions because it cannot be cured yet and it can be transferred to other people through the body liquid contact. The red ribbon surely also has the meaning of awareness of other health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, vasculitis, as well as substance abuse.

Blue Ribbon

Blue RibbonThe blue ribbon is used for awareness or prevention of child abuse. It also becomes the symbol of awareness of drunk driving which can bring danger not only for the driver but also other people on the road. The blue ribbon is also used as the symbol of awareness to the colon cancer although it can also be symbolized with brown ribbon. Another type of cancer which is prostate cancer is also symbolized with blue ribbon. There are many other things which are symbolized with blue ribbon from the bullying awareness to the chronic fatigue syndrome.

Green Ribbon

Green RibbonThe common use of the green ribbon is for representing the childhood depression. People can imagine hoe the depression in childhood can bring great effect to the future life. Nevertheless, once again green ribbon is not only the symbolization of the childhood depression awareness. It is also used as representation for missing children as well as environmental concerns. The green ribbon is also used as the symbol of awareness to the kidney cancer as well as liver cancer.

Black Ribbon

Black RibbonBlack color becomes the common symbolization of mourning and this meaning can also be found from the black ribbon. However, this black ribbon can also be used as alternative for raising the awareness for the POW/MIA which is usually symbolized with yellow ribbon. One thing for sure, black ribbon not only becomes the symbol of mourning because it is also used for representing the awareness of melanoma as well as prevention of gang.

Purple Ribbon

Purple RibbonWhen people are talking about purple ribbon, they will think about pancreatic cancer because it is the awareness ribbon for this cancer type. Nevertheless, people can also use the purple ribbon for symbolizing other health conditions including lupus and Alzheimer’s disease. Besides the pancreatic cancer, this color of the ribbon is also used as thyroid cancer awareness symbol. The ribbon can also be used for representing the awareness to animal abuse as well as religious tolerance.

Burgundy Ribbon

Burgundy RibbonThe burgundy ribbon is used as the symbol for various conditions awareness including the brain aneurysm. It is also used as the cesarean section symbol but the ribbon must be worn upside down for this purpose. Other health conditions can also be symbolized by this ribbon color including the adults who live with disabilities as well as multiple myeloma.

Lavender Ribbon

Lavendar RibbonIf people are looking for the ribbon which can be representation of the awareness to general cancer, people can get this symbol from lavender ribbon. The lavender ribbon actually can also be used for symbolizing Rett syndrome as well as epilepsy.

Teal Ribbon

Teal RibbonPink ribbon is used for symbolizing the awareness to breast cancer which can be worst nightmare for women. Nevertheless, women can still find other cancer types which can be dangerous for them such as ovarian or cervical cancer. People can find the teal ribbon which is used for showing awareness to the ovarian, uterine, as well as cervical cancer. It also used to represent the awareness to the sexual assault as well as tsunami victims.

Orange Ribbon

Orange RibbonFor symbolizing the awareness of leukemia, people should use orange ribbon. This ribbon color is also used for symbolizing awareness to self-injury, cultural diversity, as well as hunger.

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