Skin Cancer and Tanning Beds Facts

melanoma skin cancer and tanning bedsNot only skin whitening that becomes prevalent trend today, but also trend of darken the skin is loved also. One trend of darken the skin that popular and is often done is tanning. Tanning is darkening skin process that is usually done by white people to make it look attractive. Each person has a different perception of the beauty of color, some people consider beautiful skin is skin that is white, bright and smooth. However, some people think that brown skin looks more sexy and beautiful. This is what makes many people try to make their skin changes as wish. One trend of tanning that much done is by using tanning beds. However, there is one important thing that you should know. In fact, tanning beds emit radiation that is far more dangerous than the radiation from the sun. UV radiation emitted by tanning beds is 15 times larger than the sun. Tanning beds also emit UVA and UVB radiation that can harm your skin. UVA radiation can damage the DNA cells that can lead to melanoma. Given the dangers of the use of tanning beds, in this article, the writer will talk about skin cancer and tanning beds.

Well, the use of tanning beds may be one cause of the appearance of melanoma. Melanoma is one type of skin cancer that can kill one person every 50 minutes so that the melanoma becomes the second most frequent cancer that kill an adult at the age of 15-29 years. UVB radiation may increase your risk for skin cancer, one of which is melanoma. For those of you who regularly doing tanning in tanning beds once a month, so beware! This is because these activities can increase your risk of developing melanoma by 75%.

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The use of tanning beds is dangerous; there are even some people who use it who complained of pain. For those of you who already know the dangers of tanning beds, you should not do it. Tanning is a way that can cause skin cancer which will only worsen the appearance of your skin. In addition, changes in skin color that do probably will not last long, because the melanin levels will return to normal and the color of the skin will return to normal. Tanning by using tanning beds can lead to symptoms of premature aging, damage to blood vessels and even an increased risk of skin cancer. Given the dangers arising from the use of tanning beds, has many restrictions on the use of tanning beds, especially in the United States.

Things should be done

Due to the use of tanning beds increases the risk of skin cancer, do not make this into a habit. However, if you are forced to do tanning, at least you have to learn all about the tanning bed. Here are the things you need to do when tanning in tanning beds so you do not burn completely. First, choose tanning with the whole body spray program. There is no involvement of UV rays here, so this is the most minimal risk of cancer. In this program, your body will be sprayed with a liquid that is capable of darkening the skin through a chemical reaction. But you should know that this tanning program will make you look unattractive fading if you do not do it regularly. Therefore, do it regularly for the sake of good results as desired.

The second one is avoid tanning accelerators that are based tyrosine, lotions, tanning enhancer/ tingle, or pills. Do not listen about tyrosine nonsense. Indeed, tyrosine is an amino acid used by your body to produce melanin, which is necessary to make your skin look darker. However, until now there has been no evidence that tyrosine can be absorbed by your skin and get into the production of melanin.

The third is the use of glasses. You should know that go into a tanning bed without special glasses is a very dangerous act that could lead to blindness. Even if you are not blind, your vision at night can really disturb, and your ability to see colors and the light properly can be damaged.

Things should be considered

Talking about skin cancer and tanning beds cannot be separated from the things you need to consider when tanning in tanning beds in order not to increase the risk of cancer. There are several things you should consider in doing tanning, among which is when doing tanning do not depend on the color of your skin as a benchmark time to stop tanning. Rather, it would be better if you start in a short time and increase it gradually. In addition, you also should not do tanning more than once every two days since this can cause your skin to become charred.

Teenagers More Risky

Based on research that is conducted in the United States, it can be concluded that people aged under 35 years is not recommended to use a tanning bed. Why is that? This is because the risk of melanoma for people aged less than 35 years will increase by 75% when use of tanning beds. It is dangerous, is not it? Referring to the study, ultimately the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or the National Agency of Drug and Food USA was again issued a new rule. For all manufacturers who will sell tanning beds must get approval from the FDA. With the existence of such a rule, it is expected that tanning beds do not meet the standards has been discontinued.

In America, tanning bed is pretty much favored by many women, especially for teenagers indeed. Based on data from the American Academy of Dermatology, the number of young people who use tanning beds annually reaches more than 2 million. Other data showed that the teenagers are fairly frequent use of tanning beds as compared to adults. They can use a tanning bed up to 10 times a year!

Well, the amount of frequency of use of tanning beds that are fairly often is the main reason why teenagers easier more susceptible to melanoma than adults. Dermatologists also had found that melanoma in some parts of the body caused by indoor tanning or tanning beds. You need to remember that people that are more often exposed to sunburn before the age of 18 will override the higher risk of melanoma.

After learning the facts about skin cancer and tanning beds, you should avoid doing tanning with tanning beds. If you want darker skin, you should bask in the sun without forgetting applying a sunscreen with an SPF of 30. Soak up the sun in the morning for 5 to 10 minutes without sunscreen is also good for your body to get adequate supply of vitamin D.

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