Skin Cancer Awareness Month: Remembrance for Life

When something makes our appearance get more interesting, many people will surely want to have such thing because having attractive appearance can increase someone’s confidence and prestige. One of the most frequent ways for making the appearance more attractive is making the skin to be tan. This way is often done through skin tanning in the tanning beds or lying in the beach but, all people should know that such lifestyle is something that will threaten their life. They can die from the skin cancer when they have too much sunlight in their skin. Through Skin Cancer Awareness Month, the skin cancer foundation remembers all people about the danger of sunlight and asks them to be careful.

About The Awareness Month

The invention of this awareness month by the Skin Cancer Foundation does not come without any reasons. This awareness month is often held in the first of May. There are some numeral reasons that make this awareness need to be planted in people’s mind. First of all, the danger of the skin cancer is really bad because it causes death to those who suffer it. Until today, more than 800,000 people of America have pas passed away because of this disease. This disease can be triggered by simple thing and that is why it is important for people to know about this skin cancer and be aware of it.

The second reason why we need this awareness month is that because the skin cancer is the disease that often comes because of the lifestyle. Lifestyle is something that many people will follow without any consideration because when many people also do it, it means that it is fine to be done by anyone. Because of its lifestyle characters, this skin cancer attacks many people from many ages. Young people to the old people often suffer this disease and once you have suffered this disease, there is a high likeliness that we will not be recovered from that cancer.

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Then, the last reason for this awareness is because this disease is really highly preventable if we can do the prevention. We need to know the preventions and once we know and practice it; the likeliness for suffering this disease will be reduced to the most minimum percentage. The high preventability makes the awareness for avoiding this disease important. People need to know how to make them safe from this disease. Now, I think it is good for us to know the preventions for this disease. The key is avoiding direct sunlight with high intensity.

Looking for Shade for Avoiding Direct Sunlight

The first thing which is advised to you when the Skin Cancer Awareness Month comes, in the effort for preventing skin cancer, is reducing the exposure of sunlight through finding shade. The most dangerous sunlight which comes with high intensity of UV radiation often happens between 10 AM to 4 PM. In this period, you are suggested to walk out by finding a spot which comes with many shades for avoiding direct sunlight.

To detect the strength of the UV radiation, the month of skin cancer awareness suggests that you can check the strength from the shadow that you have. When your own shadow is shorter than you, the strength of the UV radiation is in its highest intensity. When your shadow is longer than you, it means that the strength of the UV radiation has reduced to minimum.

Avoiding Burn, Tanning, and UV Tanning Booths

Then, the next step that you should do when you want to avoid the skin cancer is avoiding burn. Burn increases the risk of having the worst skin cancer which is melanoma. The burn which happens in more than five or more times will surely create a higher likeliness for suffering the skin cancer. Then, you have to avoid tanning process too. This tanning is the most dangerous thing that should be aware of because many people love to be tan as it depicts someone with high wealth. The tanning beneath the sunlight or using UV tanning booths will make you stimulate the growth of the cancer.

Covering Body with Clothing

Then, the step for making a greater protection in our body is covering the body with good clothing. The clothing that you wear is surely best defense against the radiation because you can set the clothes to cover many parts of your body. For better clothing, UV-blocking sunglasses and wide brimmed hat surely become the best protection. For choosing the clothes, the sleeves clothes are preferable. The colors which are greater for preventing the radiation of the sun is like the dark color or the bright color. The thicker clothes are greater too because it will not let the sun touch your skin.

Using UVB/UVA Sunscreen

Then, the next thing that you should do for preventing this skin cancer is the usage of the sunscreen which comes with UVB and UVA spectrum or one of those spectrums. You also need to find the sunscreen which gives high SPF which should be more than 15. Then when you have a great activity that will be sweaty, you better use the sunscreen that is not easy to be swept by the water. The 30 SPF and higher is often suggested by the month for skin cancer awareness. You better apply this sunscreen throughout your body for better prevention.

Keeping Your Baby Away from Sun Exposure

The next step is the early prevention for the skin cancer. The early prevention should be done by keeping our baby away from the sun exposure, moreover the children which have just born. The newborns have a fragile skin and high radiation from UV can bring bad effect to their skin. When you make a burn for the newborn, you have set a doubled chance for your newborn to suffer from melanoma itself. The better you take care your baby, the better chance that the skin cancer will be away from your children.

Examining the Skin

When you have done the steps above, this is the final steps for making sure that you are fine. This step consists of checking your skin from the head to the leg and finds out if there are any symptoms of skin cancer or burn in your skin. You also need to meet doctor for checking up so you know your latest condition about the skin according to the expert in it.

Now, as you know how to prevent this skin cancer, I hope that you can protect your health. Being healthy is easy and when you are healthy, your happiness is guaranteed. You better do not let your happiness go away just because of some recklessness. Always remember Skin Cancer Awareness Month and always remember how to avoid skin cancer.