Skin Cancer Cream Treatment

Skin cancer can attack people from what they are doing in their daily activities. It can be because the direct UV ray or because the use of wrong cosmetics. Some cosmetics which contain chemistry matter are not good for human skin. It can cause skin cancer or side effect like itch or others. Usually, people who have skin cancer have to be treated with surgical excision. But nowadays, people can do non surgical excision to treat the skin cancer like using some skin cancer cream or others.

Modern technology does not only have surgical excision to help people to treat skin cancer. Even though the surgery is the treatment which is most effective on that day but now, there are other options to treat skin cancer than the surgery. Those are topical fluorouracil and imiquimod, cryotherapy, and photodynamic therapy which use methyl aminolevulinate hydrochloride. Those non surgical excisions can be done to treat the skin cancer patient as long as there is a clear diagnosis about the disease. It is important to know the diagnosis before do the treatment because it is for the patient’s safe.

Kinds of non-surgical excision

Since there are other treatments which can be used for skin cancer other than surgical excision, cream treatment can be one of them. Cream is classified as the non-surgical excision which is believed to treat the patient of skin cancer well. One of the creams is called fluorouracil cream. This treatment has used for about 30 years as the treatment for skin cancer patient. People use this cream to treat the patient for three weeks with the use twice in a day. The using of the cream is usually on the scalp and the head areas.

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While using this cream as the treatment, the patient will get inflammation. The significant inflammation might take some times for about 2 weeks to get settle. You do not need to worry about the inflammatory. It will be good if the inflammation gets greater. It is because from the reaction of the inflammatory, we can know the result of the treatment. So that, the greater inflammatory will make the best treatment for the patient. So, it is an effective thing with the greater reaction from the treatment done. While, it is one of the solution to take care the skin cancer.

Other creams for skin cancer treatment

Imiquimod cream will be other creams than fluorouracil cream which is used to treat the skin cancer. This cream help people in treating the skin cancer patient by treat the basal cell of the cancer and the solar keratosis. This imiquimod cream has been believed as the effective treatment to help the patient of the skin cancer moreover the solar keratosis. The cream can produce the vary degree of the inflammation. Then, the frequency of the treatment is titrated in order to make the ensure low for moderate inflammation.

The imiquimod cream is not only believed to help the skin cancer patient but also one of the effective ways to get rid the cancerous cell other than having surgical excision. The using of this treatment can be done in five times for a week. Those can be done during six weeks. Then, what make this treatment is better than the surgical excision is about the result after the treatment. This treatment will now leave the scar and defect. So that, it will be good for the patient who is afraid of the scar in their skin. The patient does not need to worry about it when the treatment can be done with the cream anyway.

Cream for skin cancer from natural plant

Many people have known that treatment for skin cancer can be done in many ways. One of the way is by consume the natural plant which is believed can cure the skin cancer like eggplant. Other than that, other options for skin cancer treatment is by using cream. In the above there are some creams which are effective to be applied to cure the skin cancer. So, cream treatment is believed as the effective way to treat the patient in skin cancer disease with easy doing.

Nowadays, skin cancer cream has got innovation. It is a merger from natural plant and cream. So it can be known as the cream for skin cancer which is made from natural plant. The natural plant which can be made for the cream is eggplant. Since the eggplant is the good plant which is believed can cure the skin cancer disease and get rid the cancerous cell effectively, it will be a great idea to get the cream. You will not need to worry about what the matter of the cream since it is made from the effective medicine for skin cancer.

The benefits of using skin cancer cream

Since the cream for skin cancer is many used in some hospital to help the patient, of course it has something more than other treatments. There are several benefits which the patients will get if they have this treatment than other treatment like surgical excision. People know that surgical excision will leave a scar in patient skin after the surgery is done. But this cream treatment will not do that. So this can be called as the one of the cream using benefits compare with the surgical excision.

Still, there are other benefits the patient can get from do this treatment than choose the surgical excision. If the patients have this treatment, they can do the application of the treatment their selves in their homes. So they will do not need to have trips to the hospital of the cancer center. It will automatically economize the time and of course the cost they will take. If the treatment goes well, the patient will not really need the surgical excision. It is better than to get the surgery and leave the scar on the skin. Some people do not like it much when they have scar because it also not easy to be lost.

The side effects

Most of the treatment for skin cancer has side effects so does skin cancer cream. The cream will have side effect in some patients. One of the side effects which are usually happen in the cream treatment is when the skin of the patient gets sore and also red. The side effects can be happened in for about 5 days. But then, you do not need to worry about the side effects while you need to let your doctor and nurse know about it. But then, it will be going to be normal in some times.