Skin Cancer Definition You Should Know

melanoma skin cancer definition

Skin cancer is the disease that cause by growing abnormal cell into human body which killed the normal cell usually because the ultraviolet radiation from sun exposure directly on the body areas. They are part of body areas that usually expose by sunshine such as face, hands, legs, and many more. However, this skin cancer definition can also influence by genetically defect and triggers mutation which the cell can duplicate easily and malignant tumors of the skin skill. These causes make every human have potentially to detect the skin cancer.

Considering the high risk that possible for every human, you can reduce and limit the exposure of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. You should aware if you have the altered skin from your body areas and see the doctor or go to hospital to get the early handling. The earlier handling makes your problem of what has happened on the skin can have immediately treatment with the right health professional. If you take the sooner action, the right treatment is possible you get for the skin cancer.

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Skin cancer consist of three different cells that make human body areas attacked the disease whatever the system immune. They are including basal cell of carcinoma or BCC, squamous cell of carcinoma (SCC) and melanoma cell. Those three cell types are only the major that usually found on skin cancer, besides there are plenty of skin cancer cell that cause of skin cancer. The most brief definition of melanoma cell is needed because of the high risk that possible develop for any ages with high rate mortality. Here we give brief definition of those three cell types for your knowledge and for taking preventive action.


Basal cell carcinoma or BCC is common form causes skin cancer that usually occur on body areas like face and neck. Over 2.8 million of American are diagnosed of this skin cancer cell annually. BCC is rarely fatal than the other cell skin cancer types but it is possible to grow high in the human body without permission. For about 3,000 people die because this cell that usually detect for American on 65 age. However, it is possible to attack the young people and adult if they frequently expose by high UV radiation. So, you should be careful with the signs like brown scar of lesion, flesh color, waxy and pearly bump. See the doctor immediately for more right treatment.


Second most form of skin cancer cell is SCC or squamous cell of carcinoma that usually occur on face, hands, and ears. SCC can detect in the US for over 700,000 cases each year. The cases of SCC in 2012 had been result 3,900-8,800 people died because of this cell in American. Organ transplant is more get high risk for diagnosing the squamous cell than the exposure of sunshine. It is why the darker people are higher risk to diagnose the SSC even the body areas are not expose by sun. That is why people should know what the skin cancer definition deeply for preventive action and decrease the rate of mortality.


Unlike BCC and SCC, melanoma can easily develop through all body areas. Whether normal skin, or the skin that has existed cancerous mole on it. The melanoma can develop on the skin even the body areas are not directly expose by sun shine. As you know, melanoma can develop on any complexion tone. People who have darker complexion can occur the melanoma on soles or palms and under toenails and fingernails. This make melanoma has been recorded that the most cell which has high risk for mortality rate even for men or women.

Melanoma is one of the cell that has high risk for men mortality rate besides the esophageal and liver cancer. Melanoma cell is the fifth most common cause cancer for men and seven most common for women. The track recorded of melanoma has been publicly that death estimated is one person every 57-minute. This really surprising death rate just because the type of cell. In 2015, melanoma has been detect invasive American about 73,830 cases. The melanoma is likely cause the high rate of mortality in the US this year for about 9,940 people. You can’t imagine how this skin cancer cell has big influence of high rate mortality and should wary.

As the recorded account, melanoma is the most majority skin cancer death in less than two-percent cases. The incidence of skin cancer by melanoma is always increasing year by year in the United State. Almost 1.9 percent, the incidence develop during 2000-2009 that is why American worry with these symptoms that may develop on their body areas. There is surprising recorded in 2009 that 876,344 people in the US had been diagnose melanoma cell. It is because melanoma can develop by ultraviolet radiation for over 86 percent.

Melanoma is also the most common cell skin cancer that develop on almost all ages. They are including young people of 15-19 ages and for adult in 25-29 ages who have most expose radiation. Melanoma has six percent of cancer cases that develop for young people. Young people have been getting the melanoma risk, if they had over five sunburns. Five or more sunburns during lifetime can increase 80 percent risk of melanoma especially for young people. It is little bit different for adult people that is only at least once sunburn for a year then they may possible to get the melanoma risk. You should decrease the sunburn for minimalize the melanoma risk on your body.

For minimalize the risks, you can use higher SPF or at least 15 number for daily. Higher sunscreen you use, more minimal the risk you may get from melanoma cell skin cancer. That is why SPF is right solution because almost melanoma cells spread on human body by the sun radiation. Nowadays, there are tons of beauty cosmetics product that using high SPF for skin lotion. They serve safe product that suitable for any skin tone. Use the skin product which has at least 15 of SPF to prevent the skin cancer that may nest on your body.

Those three major cells of skin cancer are possible to detect on human body. It is why people should know and aware when they see their suspicious body areas. The BCC, SCC and melanoma definition above we give for you to understand and prevent them. The skin cancer definition above do not mean anything if you don’t have self-awareness to see the doctor and get the earlier diagnose for more advance treatment. Your doctor will take you to the skin cancer community or he or she will refer you to specialist skin cancer if it possible.

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