Symptoms of chlamydia and some other information you need to know


Among people who are sexually active, there are so many kinds of STIs or Sexually Transmitted Infection that they are vulnerable, and one of the most common STIs is chlamydia. Not many people are aware about this kind of STI because when infected by chlamydia the victim of this disease feels no symptom, and he or she might continuing having sexual intercourse with his or her partners unknowingly. Based on the fact that we have gathered from several trusted source, women are more common than men to get infected by chlamydia. The percentage is 75% for the former while only 50% for the later.

Because of this unawareness of this STI, this article is aimed to give as much as information for people who want to know more about this disease. By knowing some of the information shared in this article such as the symptoms of chlamydia, people will be more aware when they have their sexual intercourse with their faithful partners or with the people they have just met.

What will you feel when you have chlamydia inside your body  

Chances are that you will not feel anything when this disease just infects you. In other word, it is very difficult to tell you or your partner whether you or your partner have been infected by the chlamydia. The reason, as what we have mentioned before, is that the symptoms of chlamydia do not occur just right after you get infected. When they do occur, in fact, sometimes they are not always apparent, and this is the reason why some people believe that they are free from chlamydia even though they actually have some.

The symptoms occurred in women

The symptoms in women and in men are different. When the infection becomes worse, the symptoms of chlamydia may appear vividly and they can include several things. To start, the women infected with this condition may have abnormal vaginal discharge, and this kind of discharge will have an odor that smells really bad. In addition, they may also experience bleeding between their periods. When they have their period, their period may be uncommonly painful for them. They also may feel some pain in their abdominal parts of their body, which is usually accompanied with some fever. Having sex will not as fun as it used to be as the chlamydia will make it painful, especially when using the parts of the body on which the warts appear.

Symptoms of chlamydia in men

similar to the symptoms of chlamydia in women, men with chlamydia also have several symptoms such as some amount of clear or cloud discharge that is emitted from the tip of the penis. Additionally, men with chlamydia will feel pain when they are urinating. Around the opening of their penis, they also may experience some burning and itching sensation, which makes their sex life uncomfortably painful. Last, but not least, they may also experience pain and swelling around their testicles. Thus, if you do not want to get contracted by this disease, you should always know with whom you are having your intercourse. If you are not sure, you should wear condom to protect yourself.

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