Symptoms of HPV in Women and in Men

Symptoms of HPV HPV or human papillomavirus is one of the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world. It is mentioned in various research that fifty percent of sexually-active people will contract the HPV virus at a point in their life. However, even though HPV is one of most common STIs in the world, the people who get infected by this virus often do not know or are unaware that they have this virus inside their body. Thus, in this article, we are going to learn more about HPV, and how HPV in women develops and how HPV in men develops.

The infection and the symptom

The symptoms of HPV can vary from one person to another. The symptoms of HPV in women and those in men are also varied. Whether the symptom occurs or does not, it depends on what kind of virus of HPV that involved in the process of infection. For your information, the number of virus that may involve in the infection of HPV reaches above 100 types of virus. Some of the symptoms that may occur after the infection varies from genital warts and even cancer.

Genital wards in HPV

The symptoms of HPV in women are sometimes similar to those in men. The warts can be observed in the genital area of both men and women, and sometimes the warts are invisible as the size of the warts are varied based on the development of the virus in the host body. They can be small, big, protruding, or even flat, making the warts unnoticeable when observed. However, the genital warts occurs on the infection of HPV is just the easiest part of having HPV. Some cases of HPV even include cancer.

Where does the HPV live?

Just like most of the sexually transmitted infection virus, the virus for HPV grows in the mucous membranes that can be easily found in the genital area in both men and women. HPV in women can be easily observed when the infection symptoms involve genital warts. When they occur, they are the indication of HPV infection. However, genital area is not the only place where the warts can be observed. In some cases of HPV, genital warts can be observed in anus, groin, and also thigh with the variation of size.   

However, the warts do not automatically occur hours or even days after the contraction. A person with HPV infection may have the symptoms weeks or even months after having sexual intercourse with the previously infected person or people. In addition to that, HPV does not only contract people who have vaginal intercourse. If you have anal intercourse or even oral intercourse, you are as vulnerable as the people who have vaginal intercourse.

How to find HPV and Cure it

Given the invisibility of the symptoms and the amount of time for the symptom to appear, the best way to check whether you have the virus is soon after you have a sexual intercourse with somebody that you know. Even when you have the intercourse with your faithful partner, the infection can happen not because your partner is unfaithful, but because of other things.

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