melanoma skin cancer and tanning beds

Skin Cancer and Tanning Beds Facts

Not only skin whitening that becomes prevalent trend today, but also trend of darken the skin is loved also. One trend of darken the skin that popular and is often done is tanning. Tanning is..

Post On: 23 March 2016
March 23, 2016

Definition,Treatments for Stage 4 Prostate Cancer

Fact about Stage 4 Prostate Cancer

As a deadly disease, prostate cancer brings a great deal of depression in someone’s life. During early stage, prostate cancer often appears no significant signs and symptoms. It is because the cancer hasn’t spread severely..

Post On: 6 February 2016
February 6, 2016

skin cancer spots on foot

Facts about Skin Cancer on Foot

A type of skin cancer which grows on foot is melanoma. The cancer is actually a malignant tumor which is started with the appearance of lesions in the upper layer of skin. Melanoma skin cancer..

Post On: 22 November 2015
November 14, 2015

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