The Bitter and Sweet herbs for diabetes that you need to know

herbs for diabetes

Nature has provided a lot of things to us, and one of them is the herbs and fruits that one can use to cure or to treat a number of diseases and medical condition.

Therefore, one may say that there will always be some herbs that one can use to treat and to cure the medical condition that he or she is now struggling, and one of the medical conditions that can be treated by the use of herbs is diabetes. The term diabetes refers to a medical condition in which the sufferer of this metabolic diseases experience too much blood glucose.

The causes of this medical condition include the inadequate insulin produced by the body or the lack of response to the insulin that is normally produced by the body. In fact, some diabetic condition may be caused by both causes. However, as people have said that there will always be some herbs for your health, there are also some herbs for diabetes that you need to know their existence. What are they?

“If they do not taste great, they are great for your health”

Always remember that quote because most of the herbs for diabetes that you need to consume will not please your palate. One of the herbs that people in the Asian country such as Indonesia or Malaysia will consume when they experience the disease is the Bitter Melon.

Bitter melon, or pare as it is called by Indonesian people, is a, as the name has suggested, very bitter kind of fruit, or vegetables as they are used for cooking in some Asian countries. However, the bitter taste of this vegetable-slash-fruit will give you a lot of medical advantage, especially for your diabetes.

The active substances contained by this bitter fruit such as charantin, vicine, and polypeptide-p, that acts like insulin, are able to reduce the diabetic patients’ blood sugar. If the bitter melon is hard to find in your place, I am sure that you will be able to find Aloe Vera. This horny bush plants are famously known to be the herbs of all disease. Instead of being able to be used for treating people with liver problem, drinking the juice of aloe will reduce and regulate your blood sugar level.

However, a good medicinal herb does not have to taste bad!

If you are sick of eating or consuming some bad tasting vegetable or fruits, maybe you need to take a break and consume some fine-tasting herbs for diabetes.

One of the examples of how an herb for this kind of disease can help you in treating the disease in the tastiest way is by consuming rose apple or jambu, as people in tropical country usually call this red fruit. The taste of this fruit is very sweet and refreshing as it contains water in it. In addition, it has Jamboline, a substance that one can use to control the conversion of starch into sugar in the body. We hope that the information we give you is very helpful! Stay healthy and watch your sugar!

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