The list of cause of cervical cancer aside from HPV

cause of cervical cancer other than hpv Cervical cancer is one of cancers that attack women. Many women have died from developing cancer of the cervix worldwide. However, advance screening has been available for preventing this cancer. Mostly, people know that this cancer is mainly caused by some types of human papilloma virus or HPV. At least fifteen types of HPV are listed as the cause of cervical cancer. Most cases of cervical cancer that develops in women are caused by HPV type 16 and 18. This is why these two types of HPV are considered as high-risk types. In order to reduce the risk of infected with HPV that can cause cervical cancer, it is suggested that women take vaccination for HPV to build and strengthen the immunity system to fight off HPV. Well, it may be quite surprising that cancer of the cervix is not only caused by HPV. Therefore, this article will explain some of the things that may increase the risk of developing cervical cancer and that are listed as the causes of cancer of the cervix.


Many people have understood that smoking can cause some diseases or illnesses including some cancers in either women or men, and one of the cancers that can develop in women in this cervical cancer. The development of the cervical cancer may be caused by the harmful substance that is contained in the cigarette smoke. There is a case where this harmful chemical is found in the cervix cells of the women who develop cervical cancer and the scientists relate smoking with the increasing risk of developing cancer of the cervix. This means that women who smoke have higher risk of developing cancer of the cervix than women who do not smoke. Moreover, the risk is said to be doubled. In other words, smoking can also be listed as the cause of cervical cancer.

Weakened immune system

It is said that commonly the body immune system can counter the infection of HPV. However, there is some cases where the immune system is getting weaker such as when the women take a certain medication or contract with a certain condition. The medication that can weaken the immune system is like immunosuppressants, which is aimed to suppress the immune system from rejecting donated organ. Meanwhile, the condition that can cause immune system to weaken is like HIV or AIDS. Therefore, weaken immune system can also be listed as the cause of cervical cancer that put women in higher risk of developing the cancer.

Taking oral contraceptive pill

Oral contraceptive pill which is aims at reducing the probability of having children can be listed as cause of cervical cancer too, especially if you take it for more than five years. However, the scientists have not found the clear reason why these pills can increase the risk of cancer of the cervix. Moreover, the risk can increase for twice as high as that of the women who do not take any contraceptive pills. Therefore, it would be better that you consult your doctor before you determine to take the contraceptive pills.

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