Trying to Check and Notice the Pre Diabetic Symptoms

pre diabetic symptoms Simple ways to CURES DiabetesHigh level of blood sugar does not mean that someone has entered the diabetes phase and suffers from the disease. Before someone enters the phase of diabetes, there will be a phase called pre diabetes. This is a condition considered as early stage of diabetes or early warning from the body. During this condition, the body will have blood sugar level higher than normal and potentially able to develop to the type 2 diabetes. Knowing its potential, it is better to take an action soon. Thus, recognizing the pre diabetic symptoms becomes a necessary thing to be done.

The Possible Pre Diabetic Symptoms

The problem comes in the attempt of noticing the possible symptoms. People who feel worry about diabetes will certainly asking what are pre diabetic symptoms. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer for this question. It’s all because of the condition of pre diabetic usually doesn’t show symptoms or signs. Most people will “safely” become the patients of type 2 diabetes without noticing the pre diabetic phase. It is a troublesome thing and the people who will be able to know and notice this condition will be the ones who regularly check their health condition.

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Over the past few years, people managed to get a few possible symptoms of pre diabetic condition. They are as the followings:

  • Darkened skin or acanthosis nigricans is known as a condition where particular parts of the body developed darker skin. Common parts of the body include armpits, elbows, knees, neck and knuckles.
  • Sudden and unexplained weight gain or weight loss.
  • Stubborn infections or wounds.

Those are the possible pre diabetic symptoms. When noticing these signs, it’s better to take an action soon or else, the type 2 diabetes symptoms (intense thirst, fatigue, blurred vision and more frequent urination) will start to show up.

Getting the Proper Diagnosis of the Condition

What must be done when the one or two symptoms such as pre diabetic symptoms on neck (the darkened skin) are noticed? Don’t be panic and keep calm. The first thing that needs to be done is getting proper diagnosis. There are two options of diagnosis. The first (and the best) option is simply go to a clinic and get the blood sugar level checked. The second option is to get checked with a special kit meant to be used at home. Keep in mind to read the instructions properly in order to avoid the wrong result of the diagnosis. The suggestion to conduct a test is even stronger when someone is:

  • Inactive or not doing much of physical activities.
  • Overweight.
  • Has the family history of suffering from diabetes type 2.
  • Has the history of giving birth to a baby weighed more than 4.1 kilograms or the history of suffering the gestational diabetes.
  • Has the abnormal level of cholesterol. This includes the low cholesterol level (below 35 mg/dL), high-density of HD or lipoprotein and level of triglyceride above 250 mg/dL.
  • Has the history of polycystic ovary syndrome.

Proper Treatment of Pre Diabetes

What should be done when the pre diabetic symptoms occur? Relax and don’t be panic. Why? The reason is simple, because pre diabetic condition can be reversed. That’s right. People who suffer from this condition will be able to break free from the high blood sugar levels. In other words, the level of blood sugar can be reduced and return to its normal state. It is not impossible to be done as long as the condition is noticed early and the proper actions are done soon as the follow up. The key is none other than the healthy lifestyle that will include:

  • Lose body weight and maintain the healthy bodyweight. Obviously, this is the way of overweight people to fight pre diabetic symptoms. Losing just 5% to 10% of the current body weight will be useful. By losing weight, the risk for pre diabetes to develop into diabetes can be reduced. Focus of healthy diet as well as regular exercises in order to lose weight and maintain it to stay ideal.
  • Be more active. For those who are inactive, it’s time to be more active. Get regular moderate exercises from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Get the exercises done most days of the week and don’t let more than 2 days pass without exercising. If one cannot do the long exercises or physical activities, try to divide it into smaller sections such as 3X10 minutes and do it throughout the day. The exercises don’t need to be difficult. Ride a bike; go swimming, taking a walk and others. Try to be more active by choosing to go up with stairs instead of taking elevator or prefer to walk to a nearby shop instead of taking cars. Resistance training such as weightlifting is also recommended.
  • More healthy foods. One of the important things in pre diabetic symptoms diet is healthy foods. Be careful in choosing foods and choose the ones low in fat and calories but high in dietary fiber. Focus the selection of foods on a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grain products. Choose a variety of foods while also considering the nutrition.
  • In pre diabetic symptoms and treatment, there are times when diabetes oral drug will be prescribed. The drug will be prescribed only to the people who have high risk of falling into diabetes including people who are over 60 and the people with body mass index more than 35.

Healthier Lifestyle for Further Prevention of Pre Diabetes

When pre diabetic symptoms are felt, take it as a warning and start to take action in order to prevent the worst possibility. Healthier lifestyle is the key to healthy life. Once someone gets out of pre diabetic condition, it is recommended to start living the healthier lifestyle permanently. Keep an eye on blood sugar level, eat the healthier diet, do the regular exercises and maintain the body weight to stay ideal. Being able to reverse pre diabetic condition is a good thing. So, don’t wait any longer.

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