Understanding and Identifying warning signs of diabetes in early time

warning signs of diabetes type 2Based on the statistics, 24 million people in the US have contracted diabetes, but only few of them realize that they have the disease. The vast majority of 24 million people—accounted for 90% of them—has type 2 diabetes. It is often said that diabetes is considered the silent killer because it is quite difficult to notice the symptoms. The faster and more accurate way to make sure about your condition is through a test of blood sugar. This way, you can easily be diagnosed whether or not you have contracted diabetes. However, it does not mean that you cannot even find any warning signs of diabetes type 2. You can still learn to know about the signs and to identify them.

Frequent urination and excessive thirst

The first warning signs of diabetes are frequent urination and excessive thirst. In average normal condition, people usually only urinate four to seven times. However, people with diabetes will have frequent urination, especially during the night. When you feel that you often get up at night to pee, you may experience a symptom of diabetes. Why is it so? It is because the kidneys work so hard to get rid of the extra amount of glucose in your blood stream. They produce more urine and make you feel the urge to relieve yourself.

Due to the frequent urination, you will feel excessive thirst because your body tries to replenish the lost fluids. These symptoms occur together like a vicious circle. The more you urinate, the more you get thirsty. However, it is actually the way of your body to manage the level of blood sugar. If you have experienced these symptoms, do not forget to consult to a doctor.

Weight loss and hunger

When the blood sugar level is really high, it can cause a rapid weight loss. When you lose 10 or 20 pounds over a few months—say two or three months—without any reasons you may experience one of the warning signs of diabetes. Weight loss can happen due to the process of body breaking down the protein from muscles to create energy. This is because insulin cannot bring glucose to enter the cell to be burned as energy. Therefore, the mass of your muscle may decrease, causing you to experience weight loss. Besides, your kidneys also working very hard to clear out the excess sugar in the blood, making you lose calories. Another symptom is excessive hunger that is caused by either sharp peaks or lows in the level of blood sugar. Body will send a signal like it has not been fed and craves more glucose.

Skin problems

Dry skin or poor circulation can cause itchy skin. This too, can be one of the warning signs of diabetes type 2. Another skin problem is called acanthosis nigricans in which the skin around the neck or armpit has darkened. This condition is a sign that the person have already had insulin resistance process.

Slow healing

When you get cuts, infections, and bruises that do not heal shortly, you may experience a warning sign of diabetes type 2. This is caused by the damage blood vessel that makes it hard for blood to facilitate healing.

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