Understanding More about HIV and AIDS

what are aidsHIV/AIDS sounds like one of the most terrifying health condition which people can find recently. It is sure that people can find other deadly health conditions such as cancer but HIV/AIDS sounds very terrifying because it can transfer to other people through the contact of body liquid or membrane. Some people have great awareness about this disease but it ends up with discrimination to the HIV/AIDS sufferers. It is necessary for increasing awareness about this health condition but for making sure that people will not make any discrimination, they need to learn further about HIV/AIDS. Some people maybe still do not have any idea about the difference between HIV and AIDS. It is necessary to learn further about both so people can have better understanding about the health condition. What is HIV? And what are aids? Here is the answer of the question.


When people are talking about HIV, it means that they are focusing on then virus which attacks the human immune system gradually. Immune system becomes the natural defense of the body for fighting against the illness. If people are infected with the HIV, it means that it will be more difficult for them to fight against the diseases as well as infections. The target of the virus is the T-helper cell which is a type of white blood cell. The cell will be destroyed and then the virus copies will be made inside the cell. Besides known as T-helper cell, this white blood cell type is also known as CD4 cell.

People will be able to find the different HIV strains. If people are infected by the virus, it means that they may carry the different strains in the body. The strains will be classified in various types and it will include a lot of subtypes as well as groups. Nevertheless, there are two major types which can be found including HIV1 and HIV 2. The HIV type which can be found worldwide commonly is the HIV 1 meanwhile the HIV 2 can be found primarily in the Western Africa. HIV 2 can also be found in Europe and India.

It is also necessary for people to learn further about some basic facts associated with HIV. At first, people should know about the meaning of HIV. It stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It means that HIV is the name of the virus. Maybe people do not realize that they are infected by HIV and it is left without any treatment, it can develop to AIDS in 10-15 years. People can learn further about the AIDS next. If people who are infected HIV are diagnosed early and treated properly with effective antiretroviral medication, they can have HIV but they are still able to live a life which is normal and healthy.

HIV can be found in the fluid of the body including blood, breast milk, semen, anal fluid, and vaginal fluid. One thing which people have to remind is that it cannot be transmitted through saliva, urine, or sweat. Of course people will have very big question about the most common method of infection which can be found. HIV can infect people through the vaginal or anal sex which is done without wearing condom. The infection risk can also be found if people use the needles which are infected with the virus. Equipment for drug taking and syringes which are infected with HIV can also be the media for transmitting the virus through the blood. The virus can also be transmitted by mother to the child during the pregnancy. The birth as well as breastfeeding can also be another method for transmitting the virus from mother to the child.


After having brighter understanding about HIV, it is the time for knowing further about AIDS. AIDS is a type of syndrome which is caused by HIV. People can suffer from AIDS when they have the immune system which is too weak for fighting against the infection. This condition can be found when the infection of HIV is at the advance level. When the body cannot provide proper defend of the infections, it must be the least HIV infection stage. In this circumstance, various kinds of diseases as well as infections can be developed in the body. Without specific treatment, of course the sufferers will end up with the death.

People must not forget about one crucial fact about HIV or AIDS which cannot be cured until today. It does not mean that having HIV or AIDS will end their life soon because people are still able to love long healthily even if they have HIV. They just need to find the right support as well as treatment and more importantly it is important to make early diagnose of HIV. This way, people with HIV can take the correct treatment and they can deal with the side effect which possibly comes with the treatment.

There are some facts associated with AIDS which people should know further. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is known as AIDS. People can say that when they have AIDS, it means that they are suffering from the advance level of HIV infection. It can be considered as the late stage of HIV infection after all. If people have AIDS, it means that there is great possibility for them developing various kinds of health conditions such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, fungal infection, thrush, cytomegalovirus, or toxoplasmosis. If people are at the AIDS stage, it means that the risk for developing the conditions which limit life such as brain disease and cancer is increasing.

People can be said that they have AIDS when the CD4 count in their body is lower than 200 cells per milliliter of blood. CD4 count is used for seeing the T-helper cell number which can be found in a cubic millimeter of blood. People have to be very careful when they use anything which is associated with blood transmission. More importantly, early detection is necessary so the HIV can be avoided from transmission to other people and development to AIDS can be prevented.