Understanding Skin Cancer from Tanning Beds

When you want to be beautiful with some helping tools, you should consider the safety of that tool so we will be able to avoid many risks that will be dangerous for ourselves. Some of beautifying tools can give terrible disease that even can take your life. What I want to talk about here is the disease which is called as skin cancer. The trigger of this skin cancer is said to be the tanning beds which have been used by many people for tanning their skin so they will look more attractive. The attractiveness that you get from the tanning beds are surely dangerous and now, I will discuss about this skin cancer from tanning beds.

What is Skin Cancer?

Now, before we go further on the main matter, I think that it is better for us to find out what skin cancer is. According to medical world, the skin cancer is the cancer that happens in the skin where there are many abnormal developments of skin cells. This development of skin cells spreads and invades all part of the body that results in some wounds over our skin. It often damages the skin tissues and when it has grown all over the body, it can cause the victim to lose their life.

There are three kinds of skin cancer which have been found so far. The first is the basal-cell cancer which develops slowly in the body. The development sometimes comes painlessly so some people hardly recognize that they suffer from the cancer. Then, the next kind of this cancer is the Squamous-cell Carcinoma cancer which comes with red, thickened, scaling patch in the place where the skin is mostly exposed by the sun.

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The most dangerous skin cancer is the melanoma where this cancer develops in rapid way. The rapid way of development can give a really bad effect to the body. It can cause death easily when it is not treated well so you should be careful with this kind of skin cancer. More consultation with doctor is needed frequently to monitor the development of this disease. The melanoma itself appears in the body in various shapes of moles in the body and comes with various colors too.

Why Skin Tanning Causes Skin Cancer

Now, it is time for us to find out about this skin cancer of skin tanning. How can skin tanning trigger skin cancer in our body? First of all, the skin tanning can cause the skin to have cancer because in the skin tanning, there are some substances that radiates radiation that can stimulate the growth of cancer cells in the body. The suspected substances which come from the skin tanning and cause the cancer to grow are the plutonium and some types of radiation from radium substances. The skin tanning also creates a type of sun radiation that causes this doomy disease.

If you are feeling easy to hear about this skin cancer, in America itself, there have been thousands of victims which are killed by this disease. Each year, more than five thousand people get killed from this cancer and hopefully, soon, the people’s awareness about the usage of this skin tanning for their beauty treatment will grow better to reduce the risk of death because of the skin cancer again. Skin cancer from tanning beds is seldom realized by the victim because they think that this skin tanning is safe for the usage in daily usages.

The risk of this skin tanning for causing cancer is said to be intensive in young people. Young people still have developed skin cells in their body so the radiation can affect the cells easily. If someone often uses a sunbed, when their age below 30 years old, there will be greater tendency for those ones to suffer the melanoma in their lifetime. As I have mentioned before, we know that melanoma is the most dangerous kind of skin cancer that can attack your skin. This skin cancer has high possibility for killing the victim in short time.

When a young age uses this skin tanning, the possibility of having skin cancer increase about 75 % and that will give a really bad condition for you. Once you have ever used the skin tanning, it is better for you to know some symptoms of this skin cancer. When you know the symptoms of the skin cancer, you can directly consult to doctor and ask for advice for treating the skin cancer that you may suffer. Now, I will give you some symptoms that you should be aware of when it relates to the skin cancer.

The Symptoms of Skin Cancer

When you have feel like you have used the skin tanning many times, you better know the symptoms of the skin cancer now. I will give you the symptoms according to the kinds of the skin cancer that you may have. First, for the basal-cell carcinoma, smooth and pearly bumps that appear among your skin in the head, shoulder or neck is raising. Then, there will be a small blood vessel exposed from that bumps itself. When the bumps grow in its full form, it sometimes makes crusting and bleeding that happens in frequent occasions.

Then, for the symptoms of the Squamous-cell carcinoma, the common symptoms which appears is the red, thickened, and scaling patch in the skin moreover when it is exposed by the sunlight. In that wound, bleeding sometimes happens and there is tormenting ulceration too. This cancer sometimes look like common skin disease but when it is not treated well, the spreading of this cancer is fast and may cause dangerous effect to the body. When it seems that you have ever used the skin tanner and see these symptoms, there is a high likely for you to suffer the tanning bed skin cancer.

For the melanoma, there are various kinds of symptoms that appear because it is the most complex and dangerous skin cancer. The color of the melanoma symptoms is often shades from brown color to the black one and then, for the bumps, the red, pink, and fleshy color often appear in the victim of this dangerous disease. Serious treatment is needed because this melanoma is very dangerous and can easily kill the sufferer.

Those are many things that are hoped giving a good understanding for you toward the skin cancer from tanning beds. Now, I hope that many people will be aware of this danger and start to get a healthy lifestyle when they want to get a safe beauty. You better find the process that comes with nature because natural things often give permanent effect and will surely be safe for us.