What are AIDS and How It Enters Victim’s Body?

what are aids and hiv People may know about AIDS but do they really know about what are aids? As the name suggests, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is developed through a syndrome. The syndrome is caused by a virus called HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). The virus attacks the victims’ immune system so they will easily get infected by diseases and infections. In the early stage of the infection, the virus does not create any syndrome but when the syndrome progresses the virus will worsen the victims’ immune system. The common early stage syndrome found from those who get infected by this virus is that they will get the worst cold or flu.

Steps How HIV Virus Enters the Body until It Changes into AIDS

When we discuss about what are aids it can’t be separated from HIV. The body fluids consist of blood, vaginal fluids, semen, and even breast milk. HIV can be transmitted also from someone who is HIV-positive to another person through blood transfusion and sexual interaction. Moreover, pregnant women who are HIV positive also can pass this virus to their babies while they are pregnant, when they deliver their baby in childbirth and the virus can be passed over breast feeding although this possibility can be reduced by some special medicines and special care.

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Besides, HIV is also can be passed through oral and anal sex, vaginal, needles contaminated by HIV and blood transfusion. The syndrome and the virus are commonly known as HIV/AIDS. Those who get infected by HIV virus are called as HIV-positive people and they can develop AIDS. In other words, AIDS is the advance stage of HIV. People who suffer from AIDS will develop various opportunistic infections that will lead to death. Based on the research, HIV was founded in the late nineteenth century in West-Central Africa. Currently there cure for HIV/AIDS hasn’t been founded although certain treatments can slow down the development of the virus so patients can continue to live longer.

How to Prevent Getting Infected by HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS is actually can be prevented. The first way to prevent getting infected by this virus or disease is by avoiding free sex and unprotected sex. Make sure that you only have sex with your husband/wife that is proven to be HIV-negative. Or, if you want to have sex with other people, make sure to use condom to prevent getting infected by HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. HIV can be transmitted by having unprotected sex through vaginal, oral and anal sex, and through sharing sex toys with someone infected with HIV. A research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has developed a new vaginal gel that they say could protect women from HIV but this gel still needs improvement.

The second way to prevent getting infected by HIV/AIDS is by avoiding needle sharing in using drugs. Sharing needles with someone who is HIV-positive can expose the users to HIV and other viruses like hepatitis C. In order to reduce the infections caused by drug abuse, there are some strategies offered such as needle-exchange programs. But the best way to avoid getting infected by HIV/AIDS is not to consume any drug.