What causes adult onset diabetes and its risk factors

adult onset diabetes type 1Diabetes type 2, or what once was called adult onset diabetes, is a chronic condition where the body cannot produce sufficient insulin for helping the process of burning glucose into energy or where the insulin cannot work properly as it should be. This condition is also known as non-insulin-dependent diabetes. This type of diabetes is more common in adults. However, in some recent years, it also affects children due to the increasing number of childhood obesity. It is very unfortunate to say that there is no cure to diabetes type 2, but people with it can manage their condition by doing some things such as eating well, and exercising to manage a healthy weight. If these two are not enough, you should also maintain your blood sugar level and take some medications. There are some factor risks of diabetes type 2 that you should be aware of.


One of the factor risks of adult onset diabetes is the structure of someone’s genes. Scientists have found in some cases where people with diabetes have different bits of DNA in themselves. These different bits then affect the production of insulin in the body. It eventually causes the abnormality in the insulin production and in the sugar metabolism.

Extra weight

Insulin resistance may happen to people who are overweight or obese. In past years, obesity or overweight mostly occur to old people—say 40 years old or above. This is why adult onset diabetes mostly attacks those people. However, as aforementioned the number of obese children or youngsters is constantly increasing. This causes them to be at risk of getting diabetes even in their young age.

Metabolic syndrome

Some metabolic syndromes may also affect the resistance to insulin. It is said that people who develop insulin resistance in their body often have some kinds of conditions such as high blood glucose and high blood pressure. Other conditions may be extra fat around the waist, and high cholesterol. If these conditions are not treated well, they may lead to diabetes complications.

Family history

Adult onset diabetes may also happen to you if you have a family member who has contracted diabetes before. This is because diabetes type 2 may be passed on to the offspring. Therefore, if you realize that one of your parents, or your siblings have diabetes, you should be careful about your status because your risk of getting diabetes is higher. It is important to start a healthy lifestyle by reducing the amount of sugary food to consume, maintain a healthy weight, and regularly check your health condition to the physician. This is to lower down the risk of getting diabetes.

Unhealthy lifestyle

It is clear that unhealthy lifestyle can cause many kinds of diseases. This is because you do not maintain the food intake and nutrients that are needed by your body. Besides bad diet, getting little or no exercise may also lead to diabetes because when you do not move your body, the energy produced in the cells are not used up. Eventually, you will accumulate excess sugar and gain weight.

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