What is HPV and what you should know

What is HPVThe number of people contracted with the HPV is increasing day by day, and this results from the unawareness of healthy and protected sex. Therefore, this article is aimed to help people, especially teenagers and sexually-active people, to learn more about what is HPV, how it spreads, and how one can prevent the virus from contracting him or her. Now, let us start with what HPV is.

The term for HPV

So, what is HPV? Human Papillomavirus or HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted infection or STI. However, this kind of virus is different from HIV as the cure of this virus can be obtained. HPV is commonly found in people who are sexually active regardless their gender and regardless their age. In general, HPV has many different kinds, and some of its types may cause health problem. This health problem varies from genital warts at its best and cancers at its worst. Luckily, the vaccines that are able to stop these health problems from those people who get contracted the HPV can be easily obtained.

How HPV spreads

Similar to other sexually transmitted infection or STI, people can easily contracted HPV while having unprotected sex regardless the method of sexual intercourse that they do. They can get he HPV from vaginal, anal, or even oral sex with a partner who has already contracted the virus. In addition to know about the answer for the question “what is HPV, learning how to stop the spread will be a good idea.

However, sometimes it is hard to see whether a person is contracted with HPV because in some cases, the symptoms of HPV do not appear or right away.  People who are contracted with HPV sometimes need years to see the symptoms develop in their body. This invisibility of the HPV symptoms is what makes people become unaware that they are contracted by HPV, making them feel safe when having intercourse with their partners.

What health problem causes by HPV?

In most cases of HPV, the virus usually go away after the contracted person has taken some medical approach or by treating the virus with some medical remedies. When this happen, there is not medical or health problem caused by the HPV. However, when not treated, HPV will not go away and this may cause some health problem. The health problem that it may cause varies from visible genital wards at its best, and cancers at its worst.

The genital warts can usually be observed in the genital area, and they will be seen as a small bump or groups of bumps. The size of the bumps is varied. They can be small, large, raised, or even flat. Some of the worst cases of genital warts even occurs in a bump shaped like a cauliflower. If you think that you have this kind of bump, what you need to do immediately is to check with your doctor so that he or she can provide a fast medical attention that will prevent your disease from developing.

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