White Discharge: What Does it Mean?

white dischargeMost women will experience having white discharge or other kinds of vaginal discharge throughout their live. While some of the kinds of the discharges are normal, others may be the signs that there are something wrong with your body. In this article, we are going to discuss some more information about vaginal discharge that you may not know.

Before we go to that part, however, we need to know why women always have vaginal discharge. Does it happen because there is sexual stimuli? In fact, vaginal discharge happens regularly and it does not mean that it only occurs during sexual act. Vaginal discharge occur because it serves an important role in keeping your reproductive system. The fluid that is created by the glands inside your vagina and your cervix plays the important role by carrying away dead cells and bacteria that may be dangerous when not removed from your vagina and cervix.

Is it normal to have vaginal discharge?

In most of the cases, having vaginal discharge is normal as it is a kind of excess from your vagina, just like pee. However, the color of this discharge may different and each color may represent your body condition. In addition to that, the amount and the odor will also vary depending on your menstrual cycle. For example, when you are ovulating, breastfeeding, and when you are sexually aroused, the amount of vaginal will be much more than usual.

When is my vaginal charge abnormal?

Having a much vaginal discharge, sometimes, are normal, but in some particular cases, they act as an alarm to your body, telling you that there is something wrong with your body, or in your reproduction system. For example, when the color, smell, and the consistency seems to be very unusual, you may be having an infection, especially when your white discharge or your smelly vaginal discharge are accompanied with some itching and burning sensation.

What makes my discharge abnormal

There are a lot of things that can create abnormality to your vaginal discharge. In most of the cases, the color, the smell, and the texture of the discharge will usually depend on the balance of your normal bacteria inside your vagina. However, when the balance is compromised, there will be some change in those factors. So, what are the unbalancing factors?

White discharge and other abnormality in vaginal discharge may be the result from taking too much antibiotic or steroid use. Additionally, as some STDs are caused by some bacteria, contracting STD such as bacterial vaginosis, will also unbalance the normality of the bacteria inside your vagina. For your information, the risk of having bacterial infection in pregnant women or a women who have more than one sexual partners is bigger than the women who are not pregnant and those who only have one sexual partner.

What the color means?

White discharge and grey discharge may mean that you have bacterial infection. This is usually accompanied by the itching and burning sensation in the vagina. However, when the discharge is bloody or brown, you need to check on your doctor as it may the symptoms of cervical or endometrial cancer.

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